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MIT and the admissions office will be closed November 24–25 for Thanksgiving break, and will open on November 28.

MIT student blogger Hamsika C. '13

Distractions by Hamsika C. '13

For you.

I’ve spent the past week or so running about in flip-flops, taking advantage of the sunny, 55 degree weather to catch up on all the vitamin D I failed to absorb in wintry days past. In celebration of this meteorological grace, my writing professor agreed to move the location of today’s class from the obscure whereabouts of Building 1 to the calm expanse of Killian Court. It was due to this decision that I spent an hour and a half of this afternoon utterly distracted. As my classmates read their stories out loud, I found my attention drifting away from their words and towards the glinting of the Charles to my left, the elegant pillars supporting MIT’s dome to my right, and the pleasant breeze that blew all around me, harassing my already chaotic collection of curls.

I figure that with decisions coming your way in four days and an orgo test coming my way in a week, it’d be better if you guys were distracted in my stead. It is with this notion in mind that I present you with the following means to prevent the insanity inherent in counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds to 3/14 at 1:59 pm:

1) xkcd

2) sporcle

3) ImprovEverywhere’s many accomplishments

4) hulu

5) Potter Puppet Pals! (Yes, I realize this is old, but it’s funny anyway :D)

6) StumbleUpon

7) iSketch!

8) The Onion :)

9) I Will Derive!

10) And my most favorite lecture in the world:

Just four days of waiting left! ‚ô•

(P.S. Thank you, Kuljot ’13, for helping me come up with this distracting list ^_^)

31 responses to “Distractions”

  1. Hania ('14?) says:

    I had to do that, sorry :D
    Oh, thanks Hamsika, things like these are really useful this week. I really can’t stop thinking about the Pi Day.
    And xkcd – I know it and love it! smile

  2. Muskan says:

    Thanks for the list. :D
    I’ll get to it if I can tear my self away from this site.

    And I’m so sure I’m gonna curse myself later for being so anxious about everything.


  3. Ammar'14 says:

    So what do you call that? The holy guide to procrastination? raspberry

    I love #9!, of course I love #1 too, what self respecting nerdgeekscientistmath guy doesn’t?

    I would add Megatokyo to the list, you’d have to go back to chapter 0 though.

  4. Brolin says:

    Abstruse goose is quite nice as well, although it’s pretty much the same as xkcd.

  5. moar says:

    This is pretty distracting as well.

  6. Jacob ('14?) says:

    xkcd! Fun stuff! I learned about that last year, but it’s like someone stole my brainwaves of things I was about to think. Exactly.

  7. I love potter puppet pals!

  8. tree says:

    Thanks for THE ONION! smile

  9. Anonymous says:

    I loved the Randy Pausch lecture! Thank you for sharing it.

  10. Matto says:

    You are so sweet! Thank-you for all the distractions!

    But no, I’m playing piano until my fingers ache. It’s what I wrote in my application as the thing I LOVE to do. smile

    reCaptcha: “the alcove”, what a cool idea

  11. Shivam says:

    The Last Lecture! I had read the book but hadn’t watched the video yet. It’s actually pretty awesome. :]

    Hahahah @ “catch up on all the vitamin D.”

    Snow is amaaazing though. Hahah it snowed like 5 times in Texas this year! :D

  12. Helena says:

    #3’s broken ^^;

  13. Hamsika '13 says:

    @ Helena – oops! thanks for catching that smile it should be fixed now.

  14. @Hamsika Didi,
    Best of Luck for your Organic Chemistry test !!
    So, hows prep. going on ?

    I think that you can practice some name reactions on this website (only if you need to raspberry),

    I think this website will help you, but incase it doesn’t help., then don’t waste time on it ! Haha ! smile

    Thanks !

  15. The sad but cool thing is that I am already familiar with so many of these… raspberry

    Also, check out Mental Floss for your daily brain-picking trivia…and make yourself an account on for your music needs. Or watch the video clips on NovaScienceNOW’s webpage–some may find it interesting to watch the ones about several MIT people.

  16. You are soooo sweet! thanks! a great distraction list!

  17. @Shivam–Lucky! There’s some kind of inversion zone just up in the Texas Hill Country that seems to prevent snow from dipping anywhere below…we’ve had oodles of rain, though.

    ReCaptcha: howard the…(duck?)

  18. me says: please? procrastinate ’till pi day when you realize you got rejected raspberry

    Spoon Nader

    I don’t know what this thing is trying to tell me… gosh

  19. Anonymous says:

    DO NOT look up It’s the killer of all productivity.

  20. anon says:

    Funny Farm– you forgot Funny Farm! smile

  21. Hamsika '13 says:

    lol! I love that you guys are adding to the list smile Keep it going!

  22. oasis '11 says:

    sporcle’s countries of the world!!

    i challenge anyone. period.


  23. Christine says:

    Thanks so much. I already watch ImprovEverywhere and PotterPuppetPals of course but “I will derive” is hilarious. hahaha

  24. Shivam says:

    @ Amethyst – Awhhh. Where are you from?

    Another distraction for the list: Listen to all of Jay Sean’s songs everrr. :D

    Hahahah I’m like obsesseddd with him raspberry

  25. If, on the other hand, you’d like to join us in counting down the last couple of days and collectively freaking out, there’s usually a few of us in here:

    As for distractions, I’m finding Twitter pretty helpful smile
    Also is inexplicably fun.

  26. Mac says:

    ” ..and the pleasant breeze that blew all around me, harassing my already chaotic collection of curls..”

    Sounds like the magic of story writings..I could feel the warmth of fresh Spring..Hahhaha!

    Good going, Keep it up and hope to read more.
    Well Good lucks for your ‘Orgo’.

    (Recap: school waterway )

  27. Harry says:

    Thanks for the list that lecture was amazing!

  28. jialing says:

    yay. more distractions smile
    as if i dont have enough already….

  29. Caio ('14?) says:

    In my opinion, there are two solutions:

    1. Explore Hamsika’s list

    2. Take two pills of Bromazepam right now and set your alarm clock, at maximum volume, to 1:57PM of Sunday. You’ll need those two extra minutes to realize that you woke up.