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Doing well??? by Mimi S. '22

Uh, sure... I guess

In my last post (which was way too long ago 😖), but I guess I should update y’all on how my new schedule was going.

And the answer to the question is: Ok, I guess…

As a quick reminder my current schedule is:

  • Real Analysis (18.100A)
  • Physics II (8.02)
  • Fundamentals of Programming (6.009)
  • UROP

And it’s a struggle! Real analysis is still kicking my butt, but not nearly as bad as before. Physics is also kicking my butt :^) Programming is also kicking my butt :^)

In conclusion: my butt is being kicked.











But that’s ok! While this schedule is a struggle, it actually fits me fairly well. But why? Because I actually changed and improved myself!

Literally all I did was suck up my pride and start going to office hours/getting help :^) Isn’t that funny? Sometimes when you need help the best thing to do is ask for help! I never would have guessed. Even though, I still have a lot for work to do, asking for help has made me more productive and generally lifted my moods. 90% of my stress from earlier in the quarter (and last semester) were simply because I was too prideful to ask for help.

Oh yeah! I dropped 9.00. It was interesting, but I wasn’t in the mood to write an essay and catch up with my other classes.

Now, onto some spring break business. I did nothing almost all of spring break (except binge watch Black Mirror) and it waaaaaaaas glorious! There is something very beautiful about nothing. I went back up to Maine and visited my old high school. It was incredibly interesting to see how much has changed since I left, and how much I’ve changed!

As for my UROP, my schedule is making it hard to get some hours in. But that’ll change soon!

And something is happening soon… but what???







Thinking emoji goes wild


Ah, I don’t remember :( but I do have a blog post I’ve been working on since like September (not continuously, I hope that’s obvious)