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Family Weekend 2014 by Erick P. '17

family weekend 2014, day 1 and how I had fun

I’ve been so busy.


It’s 3:23 am and this is my free time. Well, not really free time. I COULD be studying for my 8.02 exam on Monday morning but instead I’m catching on all of my blog post writing. Haha I literally just finished and published a post a few minutes ago about the hackathons that happened all the way back at the beginning of October. I spent this past week trying to get all of my work done before Family Weekend. I had a 6.01 pset due Sunday night, the last part of a 6.01 lab to finish a 14.02 pset due Monday morning, and an 8.02 exam also on Monday morning. But since it was Family Weekend, all of those things were really due Thursday night.




After calling the waaahmbulence for a bit, I got straight to work. I traded away sleep hours for tooling through pset problems like currency and slowly but surely I finished the 14.02 pset and half of my 6.01 pset before Friday. But Friday came along and now I’m juggling getting all my work done and studying with enjoying my family being here, but hey, I guess that’s life. Even if it means staying up till 4am each night for the past week.




Ok, I’m going to stop complaining now.


So let me tell you about my day. I woke up and made my way to the Student Center where I met up with my family.

2014 Family Weekend Family Visit

I like group photos. Here’s one from last year’s Family Weekend:

2013 Family Weekend Family Visit

So Mom was volunteering and showing people to the second floor in the Student Center where they were showing a livestream of a One-on-One with Elon Musk at the MIT AeroAstro Centennial Symposium, viewable here. We ended up not watching the livestream because it would’ve been too painful knowing that Elon Musk was right next door speaking inside Kresge Auditorium but since there were only so many spots, they had held a lottery system for tickets, which I unfortunately did not get. That really sucked.



I did it again, didn’t I? I said I wasn’t going to complain but then I did. Ugh. Well, after enjoying a *GREAT* chicken parmesan with *DELICIOUS* clam chowder at a *REALLY NICE* place, I had to leave my family from 4 to 7 pm so I could *HAPPILY* take care of the 6.01 makeup and the 6.01 pset during office hours.


After a kalosallion amount of tries, my lab partner and I got our proto board circuit to work. It connects to a cute little frog head-like circuit board with two eyes attached to a motor and it reacts to a light sensor. So cute in fact, that I’m going through my phone right now to see if I took any pictures of it to show you (Sadly, I didn’t). But here’s a picture of our finished circuit.

6.01 Lab
Pay no attention to the lab partner behind the proto board.

After that, I met up with my family at Border Cafe in Harvard Square, along with Veronica ’17, Sade ’17, and had a good dinner. We then ended the night by watching a showing of the Guardians of the Galaxy by the MIT Lecture Series Committee in the 26-100 lecture hall. Along the way, my brothers and I were joyously singing (atleast the words we knew) to “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley and “Cherry Bomb” by the Runaways.

No way! “Come and Get Your Love” by Redbone just came up on my Spotify radio shuffle. It’s a sign that I’m Star-Lord (atleast on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays, according to my roommate. The rest of the days I’m Iron Man.)

Ok, I’m going to sleep now. Stay tuned for more.