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Fantastic Course Numbers and Where to Find Them by Selam G. '18

A List of Ways MIT is like Hogwarts

Hello friends, it is near the end of term (*cries*) and so today, I was feeling a more light-hearted, nonsensical post to take my mind of things, which has manifested itself in…

A List of Ways MIT is Like Hogwarts!

(I also recently watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which, although I have Many Nerdy Opinions about how relatively good/not good it was, did at least spark the pottermania once again :3)

1. The corridors and staircases move

I used to have to take the 3rd floor corridors in order to get around campus without walking in the rain outside, but sophomore year, the 2nd floor to Building 26 opened up because the construction was finished…I don’t know when exactly Building 2 (and this sculpture) opened up, but it was not there before, I swear….

2. You learn gibberish words in class

Low prandtl laminar flow…wingardium leviosa…what’s the difference, really? (featuring an actual MIT lecture, 2.051: Heat Transfer with Professor Patera)

(note: it is in fact “prandtl” without the “e”, but by the time I realized the misspelling, the gif had already been released into the wilds of the internet…)

3. First Years are Sorted


…into dorms, rather than houses. You’d be suprised how fierce the cultures of MIT dorms can be. Also, for reference, this post on If MIT dorms were Harry Potter Characters by Rima Das.

(and also, ultimately, it’s your choices that matter in both places <3)

(also I don’t know who made that gif (which is the inside of a room in Simmons Dorm, by the way) but it is gorgeous and I <3 it~)

4. Our important stuff is guarded and managed by magical creatures

How do you not hear the phrases “what’s your kerberos?” and “Athena cluster” and not think of magic???

(also that picture is definitely from the ’90s or something old, we upgraded I swear) (I just couldn’t find anything else that had logos on the google ^^;)

5. The Headmaster is charming and has a twinkle in his eyes

(another similarity: everyone loves him and thinks he’s awesome)

Ok but really, Dumbledore v. Rafael Reif:

“It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be”
“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”
“While we may come from different places and speak in different tongues, our hearts beat as one.”



“As a community and as a practical force for good, MIT is a quintessential expression of America at its best: Bold, optimistic and focused on inventing the future. Delighted and energized by our diversity, with a meritocratic openness to talent, culture and ideas from anywhere. Humble, pragmatic, crazy about science and insistent on seeking the facts. A place of rigor, ingenuity and real-world problem-solving, where generations of bright young minds have come from every corner of the Earth to make something of themselves and work together to make a better world.

That is MIT.

Nothing can change that. And nothing can change our commitment to tackling big, important problems for humanity…with colleagues of every identity and background.”

Who said it better??? WHO?!?!?? (comment below)

(yet another similarity I just thought of: both own fancy hats….)



p.s. my patronus is a kingfisher and I’m a hufflepuff, but like what is a kingfisher??? is it a king of fishes?? or maybe a king of fishermen?? no, it’s a bird, like…what….I guess they’re real good at catching fish though lol. I must admit I was disappointed because I’m not very good at fishing and I was hoping for maybe a walia ibex (native to Ethiopia!) or a lion or something. I’ve been struggling on deciding what exactly this is a metaphor for in my personality/life like…if u have any thoughts abt kingfishers let me kno.