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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

I got this question over email, which echoes questions I've been hearing all over:


I've just read your post saying that the selection process has begun. Does that mean that everything else, including mid-year reports that were sent recently will not be considered?

Midyear reports absolutely will be considered, even if they have not yet arrived in the Admissions Office. For students for whom midyear grades are a big question, we will set aside the case with a "MYG" (midyear grades) note, and reconsider it as soon as we have received and reviewed the midyear grades. For other students whose grades have been consistent, we will make a decision on the case; when the midyear grades later come in, we will review them, and the decision will be reviewed if there is an aberration in the midyears. We understand that sending in midyear grades may take longer to process in some school systems this may take longer than in others; there is no deadline for receiving the grades other than "as soon as you can." The bottom line is: Please send in your midyear grades as soon as they are available, we will consider them.

It is too late for any supplemental materials to be considered by the selection committee. However, an admissions officer will continue to review anything you send in as a supplement. I think it is important to remember, however, that if you have completed your application, we have everything that we need to make a decision on your case. I get the sense that some students feel like a supplement is almost required for admission, but this just isn't the case. A complete application is all we need.

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