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MIT student blogger Hamsika C. '13

Finality by Hamsika C. '13

Just one more week.

I’m the kind of person that likes to make lists – partially because I forget things otherwise and partially just because I like feeling awesome and productive every time I cross something off :) I have a list for all the classes I want to take at MIT, all the people I want to meet some day, all the things I want to do next summer, and of course, all that I have to do between now and the end of the semester.

Lately, this last list has been growing shorter and shorter. Right now, it reads: STUDY.

I have three finals spread out over the course of next week: 5.13 (orgo), 9.20 (animal behavior), and 9.01 (neuro) – which is pretty much nothing compared to some of my friends, whose finals schedules read something like this:

Monday 9 am – 12 pm: 18.03 (Diff Eq)
Monday 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm: 5.13 (Orgo)
Tuesday 9 am – 12 pm: 9.20 (Animal Behavior)
Tuesday 1:30 – 4:30: 6.01 (Intro to EECS)
Wednesday 9 am – 12 pm: 7.03 (Genetics)

Yeah, compared to that exam timeline, I have nothing at all to complain about, haha :) Nonetheless, I’m currently in Barker – MIT’s engineering library. It’s right underneath MIT’s great dome – and I honestly think it’s the most quiet place on campus. It’s therefore extremely conducive to studying…and for taking the occasional nap =P I creepily just used PhotoBooth to get a few photos of unsuspecting students:

Photo on 2010-12-09 at 11.37

The Underbelly of the Great Dome:
Photo on 2010-12-09 at 11.39

One of the best parts (maybe the only good part?) about final exam time is the free food all over campus. This morning, I walked into an office off the Infinite Corridor that had a table filled with juice boxes, granola bars, pretzels, hot chocolate, and so much more. Tonight, the 2013 Class Council is hosting a study break, complete with more food – plus class sweatpants! I love sweatpants. I would wear them 24/7 – except it’s not 100% socially acceptable to do that…

In any case ~ I wish all of you the best with your own finals – and I hope you’re being fed just as much free food as we are!

16 responses to “Finality”

  1. Dhruv says:

    first! yes, i’ve always wanted to do this for you,

  2. Michael says:

    i saw the intro-line for this post and thought it was an announcement about when decision day is. No big finals now but I am freaking out about when decision day is. I fully expect to get deferred but waiting is killing me.

  3. Brian says:

    Decision day is one week from today at 9pm ET.

  4. Anpnymous says:


    How do you know?

  5. Anonymous says:

    @ Kay Li & Brian

    It’s not nice to pray on people’s anxiety… And FYI everyone else, that site is fake, they’re trying to steal your login info and do who knows what with it.

  6. Kay Li says:

    It’s definitely not fake. I applied last year, and it’s the exact same url and the exact same layout. Also, if you read the past blog posts announcing notification, it says to check on that same url. Besides, the only way someone could get a url with “” is if they are connected to the university.

    Also, it’s not nice to say someone’s wrong until you’ve checked the facts wink.

  7. pdowling says:

    Yeah that’s definitely not a fake website, just look at the URL (, and it was the same site last year

  8. Ali says:

    lol fake. someone’s definitely trollin’

  9. it’s real! announcement going out later tonight.

  10. Hamsika '13 says:

    haha yesss – now the tagline for this entry has double meaning smile

    good luck to all you applicants!!

  11. Justin says:

    All the best for the finals Hamiska. =)

  12. Juan says:

    Admission decisions are almost here everyone!xD
    So does that mean they have already decided who is admitted or not, or does that mean they will by the time they post them on the 16th?

  13. This next week is going to feel like the longest week of my entire life. I can’t wait until Thursday! Good Luck everyone!

  14. Sammy says:

    Since when is it not 100% socially acceptable to wear sweats all the time? Haha jk. I would if I could, as well.