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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

Finals! by Bryan

Finals are here!

I’m currently studying for what might turn out to be my last ever final exams at MIT.

Monday: 2.006 – Thermal Fluids Engineering II

Update: A toughie, but I managed to answer most of the problems =)

If you’d like to see what an MIT final exam is like, let me know, and I can post a couple pages from today’s.

Wednesday: 7.05 – Biochemistry

Althought I’ll be studying for most of the time until Wednesday, I will take a break for Jack Bauer on Monday night, season finale!!!

For all you 24 fans out there, my friend Huanan sent me this link, Jacktrack (WARNING: Contains season 5 spoilers).

6 responses to “Finals!”

  1. Emily '10 says:

    Jack Bauer definitely merits a study break. But why could these exams be your “last ever final exams at MIT?”

  2. Bryan says:


    These exams could be my last ever final exams at MIT because next year, the classes I have preregistered for have no finals. But I know one thing, I’ve never *actually* taken only the classes I preregistered for.

    – Bryan

  3. Emily '10 says:

    That’s awesome! No finals = more goodness (I would think…). I hope you get your classes, and good luck on your exams!

  4. Kristin says:

    Yeah post the finals so we can all see what we have to look forward to

  5. Omar '10 says:

    Yeah, It would be nice to see what finals are like.