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MIT student blogger twins Danny and Allan G. '20

friday was a good day by Danny and Allan G. '20

~written last friday about last friday~

Today was a really happy day. It’s days like these that make us remember why we love it here so much.

(The first part of our day that made it a happy day wasn’t at MIT, but it’s part of our ~MIT experience~ so we’re including it anyways)

1. We had our Animation class in MassArt and it was super fun, as always. We had a really long critique session (which is basically when everyone in the class views and gives feedback on everyone’s weekly work). This week’s assignments were the first ones where we had to include sound, which gives animated work a whole new depth and quality, so it was a particularly enjoyable and refreshing crit session. Then we had our screenings on animatics (the topic of the class today) where our teacher showed us animatics from Legend of Korra, Steven Universe and Ratatouille. Like, if there ever was a set screenings that perfectly summed up everything we love in animation it was these screenings. And the most exciting part of today’s class was that we found out what the final for the class is: DO ANYTHING and make it at least 1 minute (!!!!). This made both of us super exited, because although we had loved all the specific short assignments we had been given prior to this (animate with sand, animate a perspective shift, use paper puppets to animate are some examples), we had both been itching to get the opportunity to do a more prolonged project where we get to choose the medium/software we use. So this just really made us excited; it’s really a great capstone to a truly amazing and fun class.

2. We went to a HILARIOUS (and free) comedy show. Not many people showed up so it was a great intimate show and the comedian (DeAnne Smith) got to interact with/make fun of (in good spirit)/ talk directly to specific people from the audience. And at the end, people from the audience began explaining very /MIT/ things to DeAnne which they found hilarious.

3. We went to our friend’s ART SHOW in the Student Center Wiesner Gallery. For context, the Weisner Gallery in the Student Center is a gallery that holds either student curated art shows centered around a certain theme or one student’s collection of work. Our friend got a spot for the month of November and tonight was the opening of her gallery! It was so thought out, breathtaking, and incredible. Last January over IAP we were all part of OpenMind::OpenArt, a project that gave artists resources and guidance to create art centered on mental health and wellness. So we have a really good sense of what her art is and looks like from having previously worked with her. And the work she displayed at the show was soooooo her in the best way possible — abstract, vibrantly colorful, and pistachios (what more can we say?)

4. We then went to a SaveTFP (which stands for Save This F***ing Place) event to get free (noticing a theme here haha) boba. At the event, we stumbled upon a few FAP counselors and FAPers. So we had a mini unplanned reunion. Stumbling upon friends in random places is always a happy time.

5. As we came back to our wing in Next House, we heard two of our friends from our wing laughing and when they saw us, they showed us what they were laughing about. The first friend was showing the second friend a video she made for a program she is part of. It was a remake of this. She played Hermione. It was FANTASTIC. And afterwards we told them about the comedy show. As we were explaining a part that would sound very strange out of context, another one of our friends from our wing walked by, stops behind us, and just mouth drops for a solid 30 seconds. After explaining the context, we all burst into laughter again. These small and unplanned interactions that happen here make some of our best memories.

6. When we entered our room, we found out the INCREDIBLES TWO teaser is coming out tomorrow by scrolling though Facebook. We are soooo excited!!!

7. After that, we just couldn’t stop smiling and just decided to blog about this really happy day.

8. And then we started writing this. And now we finished writing this :A :D

~pictures of beautiful sunset from 9/21/17 that we feel are relevant now because something something mood something something happy… also just LOOK AT THEM~