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Froshmore by Audrey C. '24

oh to exist in a state of ~liminality~

Description of illustration: froshmore. [image of me staring out through the glass window of the Hayden Library]. I feel… like a froshmore. Less “fresh” than a frosh: [image of a ripe banana radiating frosh energy, versus me, a slightly browning banana] But not quite a Real Sophomore. (uhhh… where’s the Banana Lounge?) Part of it is finally getting to experience (mostly) Normal MIT for the first time, like running late because going to class is no longer just opening a tab. It’s also the “calibration” — adjusting to the firehose. [image of me getting hosed down by three firehoses. freshman fall: rigor of classes freshman spring: balancing an in person social life sophomore fall: more in person stuff, cooking for myself, hard classes… aaAAAAAHHHH (eternal screaming)] Kinda feels like deja vu. Well, the class of ‘24 did kind of get 3 orientations, one for each gradually more in-person semester. Three major calibrations. … I’m an instrument fraught with uncertainty. [image of calipers]. Sometimes I feel in control and secure with what I’m doing & the path I’m paving. Sometimes less so. It’s okay. I’ll just continue calibrating.

Hi I’m Audrey, a new face in this bloggerverse! As the illustration above suggests, I’m starting my second year here at MIT. And that feels weird. 

Drawing has been a lifelong passion for me. It’s a release, my peace, an outlet to make myself feel whole and sane. I’m excited to experiment with illustrated formats on the blogs. On the other hand, writing is a relatively new interest. During my freshman year of college, I was like, “wow people who are good at writing are so cool! If I start writing for fun more often, maybe I can be cool too.” Writing for fun usually meant putting down whatever mess going on in my head into words and making my friends read those word vomits. That doesn’t necessarily make me “cool,” but I did find out that I enjoy oversharing. Lo and behold, I now get to overshare my life on the internet :D. 

This year feels like a year of calibration for me in many ways, beyond just adjusting to a nearly normal version of the MIT experience. For one (positive) thing, my general living habits have been improving. My sleep schedule right now is infinitely better than it was last year (like going to bed three hours earlier on average), thanks to in person 9am classes/meetings. I eat a decent breakfast pretty consistently now, whereas last year I never woke up in time for breakfast. It’s not like I have my life completely together though — there’s always too much to do and not enough time. I’m trying to be proactive about avoiding burnout this year, but we’ll see how that goes. I dropped classes. I added classes. I dropped clubs. I committed myself to a new club. 

The biggest “calibration” on my mind right now is that I’m in a weird purgatory of majors. Hmm calibration implies the existence of an objective state, like sleeping better. “Transition” is probably the better word here, as there’s no concrete answer to what I should do with my time and ultimately my life. Throughout all of freshman year, I’ve been a deadset course 6-9.01 computer science + brain/cognitive sciences joint major Yet recently, I spontaneously changed majors to course 2A02 one variation of the mechanical engineering major for reasons I’ll likely elaborate in another blog. I’ll almost certainly03 sophomores can't officially double major until the spring, so I had to switch rather to than just tack on meche. finish my computer science degree though, since I’m decently far into it and I’m truly excited04 I'm pASSIONATE about computer science, I promise!!! about the ideas and potential that lie in computer science. But for now, I’m in this wishy washy liminal state trying to explore meche while simultaneously furthering my forays into computer science. 

To be honest, I’ll probably always feel like I’m going through a period of transition during my time at MIT. After all, college itself is a liminal zone of some sort, one between childhood and real adulting. I probably overuse the word liminal. It’s a fun word. 

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