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MIT student blogger Evan B. '10

I’m not a big sports fan. Never have been. Nashville doesn’t have much in the way of good professional sports teams – it’s mostly the Titans, and they only moved there when I was 11. In the past, I’ve only passively watched sports, when I did. I’ve been to a couple of baseball games (my dad’s from Chicago, so most of them were Cubs or White Sox), maybe one football game. I never went to any sort of sporting event at my high school.

But when you move to Boston, it’s really hard not to be a Red Sox fan – you just kind of get sucked into it. And it’s even worse when you have a lot of friends from around here – you wander into a suite lounge or a floor lounge to find 10+ people anxiously watching everything, and screaming whenever anything happens – good or bad. It’s exciting, and it’s even more exciting when the team is winning.

The night of the seventh game in the ALCS, I was on Burton Third starting to plan out our 6.111 final project with Chris ’09. Of course, we got a little distracted. And when the Sox won, a massive crowd of people left Burton 3rd and went down to Burton 1, cheering as soon as the elevator doors opened. They were immediately joined by Kip (who, remember, has a voice “only a few decibels louder than a sledgehammer”), and JKim, among others.

We then went floor by floor up Burton-side, cheering every time the elevator doors opened, and every time, people would come out of their floor lounges cheering with is, until we couldn’t all fit in the elevator.

But that’s not what this post is really about.

It’s not even about the fact that the Red Sox completely dominated the game last night.

It’s about the hack that went up in the middle of the night to support the Sox.

I got an e-mail this morning from a friend at Next House saying that she saw this above New House on her way to classes:

This, of course, is the wrong view of the banner. A better version looks something like this:

When I went to look at it, it looked like it was strung between Tang (a graduate dormitory) and MacGregor. Absolutely insane. Over 1000 feet, apparently.

You can see Tang on the far left, barely in the frame, and MacGregor is on the right.

Go Sox!

12 responses to “Go Sox!”

  1. Hunter '11 says:

    AHHH GO SOX! I too am not much of a sports fan – but I have to get sucked into this =P


  2. Arkajit says:

    make that 2-0 Red Sox =)

  3. Oasis says:

    When I read the email I thought you meant the jets last night. lol.

  4. Alexander says:

    Hey Evan when are you going to continue your previous blog about your project? That was really interesting. I want to know how it finished.

  5. Carla '11 says:

    That thing was hanging just over my dorm and it did not realize. Oops. It is impresive, Tang and Macgregor are two dorms away…

  6. Ben P. says:

    My dad was watching the world series game the other day and made a comment about how he would like to see Colorado win it. As an MIT applicant I almost had to kill him.

    The hack is pretty impressive… Go Sox!

  7. Evan says:

    @Alexander –
    I’ve started writing it, but it’s hard because it’s a lot more technical and less conceptual than the first half. Also, I’ve been really hosed for the past couple of weeks – it’s just past the midpoint of term, and all classes tend to lay it on really thick around now.

  8. Mimi says:

    Evan, you look as cute as Harry Potter. I love you!

  9. Ben P. says:

    How ’bout them Red Sox?! WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!!!

  10. Nate says:

    haha I was actually at MIT when this was up but somehow didn’t see it. I came up on Sunday when they won and I was walking by the river on Monday. I actually have a picture of the Boston skyline on Monday night with one of those buildings in it but I guess I missed the banner.

  11. E Rosser says:

    Wow, never has a baseball team been the object of a more stunning work of engineering. Congrats, Sox fans, and good luck surviving the after parties!