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MIT student blogger Michael C. '16

Goodbye, for now by Michael C. '16

Regular readers may know that I’ve admired Apple’s design philosophies for some time.  (Regular friends are well aware of this, and are also sick of me talking about it.  By the way, have you seen the latest Jony Ive video?).

Anyway, I’m very happy to say that yesterday I joined the iPhone Product Design team, and will be working in Cupertino for the next 6 months!

^ from the Infinite Corridor to 1 Infinite Loop


This, however, does mean a few things:

(1) I’ve dropped out of MIT for Spring 2015 and will not be able to blog about MIT-related activities during this time

(2) I will not be blogging about any of the work I’m doing at Apple, for obvious reasons


…which basically means that I will be blogging essentially zero for the next 6 months.  I will, however, try to post some tidbits about life in the Bay Area!


So this is basically a temporary goodbye (and a permanent goodbye to the graduating seniors – I’ll miss you).  Can’t wait to meet 2019s in the fall!