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MIT student blogger Mitra L. '07

Happy Pi Day by Mitra L. '07

Two groups are hosting pi celebrations:

This **Tuesday, 3/14, at 6pm in room 2-102** the UMA (undergraduate math association) will be holding
the following festivities in honor of pi day:
Pie baking contest
Pi recitation contest
Pie eating contest
Free pie for everyone!

And don’t forget to pick up your UMA pi day T-shirt!

All contest winners get pi-related prizes.


In honor of Pi Day, the UA Dining Committee invites you to the

Pie + Ice Cream Study Break!

Tuesday, 3.14 @ 7 PM

Student Center Lobby

6 kinds of pies a la mode
Share your thoughts/comments/rants on campus dining
Help make a difference on campus!


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