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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

Happy Thanksgiving! by Bryan

Happy Thanksgiving!

So I’m about to cook a turkey for the first time in my life, but before I foray out into the world of basting and boiling, I wanted to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

And just remember had it been for this guy, many Americans would be feasting on their national bird over dinner.

4 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Other Sam says:

    Haha, you get a thousand points for making me remember one of the greatest scenes from the musical 1776. But, uh, do you mind if I ask why you’re boiling a turkey?

  2. Sam says:

    lol! I heard Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be the nation’s symbol instead of the eagle.

  3. Yeah, wouldn’t you normally bake a turkey. I have to teach you a few things. Agh.

  4. Mom says:

    Hey Bryan,

    We are here in our reading program, mini-Streets with our friends, Paris, Valencia, Christian, Timothy ,Dadrian and Kailah and we are having a good time reading and learning. We wish that when you come down from Massachusetts, we can join us. Have a blessed day! We love you.