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MIT student blogger Hamsika C. '13

I Can Save You by Hamsika C. '13


My last rendezvous with an ambulance occurred in the suffocating heat of summer ’09, when I so intelligently decided to play Ultimate Frisbee barefoot and promptly tripped over a friend’s size 12 shoe. I ended up breaking the big toe on my right foot – eleven days before I was to leave home, bound for MIT.

Yes, I am known for my impeccable sense of timing.

But anyway – Now that I’m in the IAP EMT class, I get to experience the flip side of the victim-EMT dealio. Which means that I get to deck myself in black, belted cargo pants (which took forever to find, by the way), a white polo, and waterproof boots and help those in pain, instead of being in pain myself. Undoubtedly a nice change, I must say.

Having just concluded week one of EMT training, I can honestly claim that I know how to administer CPR, use an AED, help a choking person, take vitals, find pressure points, and bandage wounds. Not that I’m amazingly brilliant at those things. Right now, the quality of my bandaging would probably do more harm than good, as I clearly have issues wrapping the bandage tightly around human appendages. Part of me wants to grab rolls of toilet paper and practice on unsuspecting passersby, effectively mummifying them. I’m not sure how much that would be appreciated, though…

The EMT class is much more intense than I’d originally anticipated. While I knew that the class ran for over 30 hours each week, I naively assumed that that was it and that I’d have oodles of time outside of class.


We’re assigned chapters to read each night, and each day we’re quizzed on information derived from lectures as well as the textbook. This past week, several students took blood pressure kits home and practiced taking their dormmates’ vitals. Basically, this class requires a lot of work.

But I’m definitely still glad to be in it. When I interviewed for the class a few months ago, I was almost completely sure that I wouldn’t make it in. Designed to test an individual’s ability to recall important information, remain observant, maintain composure, and respond effectively when under the stress, the interview was different from any other I’ve previously experienced. How many of your past interviewers have spontaneously asked you to tell a joke? Or stand up, turn around, and tell them the color of their hat? Certainly none of mine. I faltered quite a few times in the interview and walked out slightly flushed and convinced that I’d ruined any chance I had of being in the class. Imagine how excited I was to have made the cut and joined 29 others, all incredibly diverse, in learning medical basics, practicing life-preserving skills, and riding with style on the MIT ambulance.

If nothing else, the EMT class has further encouraged me to be pre-med. Listening to Mark (the class instructor) tell stories from his massive arsenal of experience is both interesting and humbling: there’s so much I don’t know, and so many people who need help! Tomorrow, I get to actually ride on the MIT ambulance as the third rider. I can even DRIVE. I haven’t driven in six months, and even when I drove, it was nothing so large as an ambulance. I’m pretty freaked out by the prospect of driving the MIT ambulance. Good thing they train us…

I also get to start researching! After a two-hour orientation at the ECCL (Early Childhood Cognition Lab), I am now competent enough to enter and exit the Brain/Cognitive Sciences building whenever I so wish and whittle away some hours each week coding. ‘Coding’ is actually a pretty loose term in this case, since it primarily involves watching tapes of kids’ reactions in specific situations and recording pertinent information. Regardless, the videos are interesting, and I’m hoping to start coding either tonight or tomorrow.

But right now, I’m hungry. So I shall leave you folks for now :)

83 responses to “I Can Save You”

  1. dont owrry MITers, I can SAVE you through the caltech math tutoring program.
    we understand that MIT students are a little….behind when it comes to,ah, cognitive activities? WORRY NOT!
    We understand its not easy, but thats what caltech is for.
    we need clerks/assistists, so we welcome you at anytime1

  2. Sarah says:

    Lol. Is this what caltech calls a good hack?
    Don’t “owrry”, we have plenty of “assistists” available to help you.
    Thank goodness you are a math god, beause your english, well…..

  3. Caio '14? says:

    I just love to call Caltech and say “MIT RULES!”. hahahahah

    THIRD! :D

  4. Caio '14 says:

    I don’t think Caltech admits people whose english are that bad.

  5. Caio '14? says:

    Correction: “whose English is that bad”*

    I was talking about the caltech guy and got caught. hahahah

    When is the IAP ending?

    Am I spamming?

  6. Justin says:

    Caio ’14?: That would be absolutely awesome. =)

    EMT sounds interesting. =) Great post, Hamiska. Go eat.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Pretty cool class! Good thing you’re driving an ambulance…at least then you don’t have to follow traffic rules (just have the siren on, and say you’re late for class LOL

  8. Liz '14 says:

    that sounds really cool, although I’d probably fail the interview.

    so does the research side of your IAP. makes me even more excited to go to MIT next year smile

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey hamsika nt d bst way 2 say on a blog…bt u r cool n i hv a mild crush on u….lol (on me)….n ur post wz amazing as usual

  10. Yes…I’m sorry, that was posted by MY file clark…I AM THE REAL MATH GOD!!!!
    ps: I SPELL-chequed this!!! try to find sum mistakes now-MITers (worst insult I could come up with…)

  11. Google says:

    Did you mean: “spell-checked”?

  12. genius ('18) says:

    Caltech is NOTHING compared to MIT! We stole their cannon, our hacks are better, and most importantly, we spell checked NOT chequed!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

  13. Hello Hamsika Di !!
    It Sounds nice !! Are all these things a part of course 9 ?? Really a very interesting course !!

    Best wishes for being selected on the flip side !! smile)

  14. I wonder if the Caltech guy is trying out some new kind of filing system implementing “clarks” instead of “clerks”…maybe all of them are named Clark? Hmm…interesting. raspberry @caltechmathgod: Just TRY and get “sum” grammar mistakes past me, because I AM THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR/SPELLING GODDESS!!! GO MIT!!! (Because MIT students and prospective students can do other things as well as math. Multi-talented geniuses, you know…)

  15. Jonatan says:

    I seem to sahre your lovely timing. I broke my leg the day before the first day of Middle School and was in a cast for the next 3 months smile

  16. anon says:

    I know this is mostly for prospective undergrads, but I don’t know where else to direct this question: does MIT not have a law school?

  17. Smith says:

    Hamsika, I must concur with the mild crush guy….you are evry cute!

  18. Caio '14? says:

    Yale X Harvard is a good exemple (ok that their rivalry started with football, but…) smile

    I think this rivalry/competition is very fun, since people are aware that there is no true hatred or disgust between caltech and MIT students. They just wanna have fun raspberry. People like “caltechmathgod” don’t get the real meaning of the thing, so…

    And, Hamsika, sorry for being off-topic. Let’s try to put your recent first aid knowledge into practice and try to save the comments page raspberry

  19. Anonymous says:

    LOLOLOL!! I love you MIT does these pathetic little boards, poorly written at that! You should visit caltech’s page….see what good writing is all about, PLUS, some real math or science.

  20. LOLOLOL!! I love you MIT does these pathetic little boards, poorly written at that! You should visit caltech’s page….see what good writing is all about, PLUS, some real math or science.

  21. MIT says:

    Caltech, this nonsense cannot go unanswered. MIT will respond on the caltech page in direct retaliation. We will take care of this.

  22. *love HOW. God only knows, not much to love about MIT, unless you love overrated,fallings standards and weak academic rankings!

  23. Hamsika '13 says:

    @ Caio

    I’m far too amused to put a stop to this smile

  24. sepideh says:

    OMG the comment section is so freaking funny this time!!!
    what a good usage of IAP hamsika. do you also get a certificate or something at the end?
    haha the captcha is sayin Mr mistrust…

  25. Caio '14? says:


    But what will Matt think about this?

    Is there any problem to promote the call-caltech-to-say-that-mit-rules thing? hahahah

  26. Steve says:

    I say go for it, it’s all in good fun. Both schools unofficially promote “hacks and pranks”, as long as students don’t detract TOO much time from studying….

  27. ‘sup god, monos tinneres?
    I heard there was an award given to the best math/science school in the boston area, but only with schools with a 3 letter acronym. Congradulations to C.C.C , (cambridge community college!!!!)
    They couldn’t find any better school, nice job C.C.C!
    Schools that start with C must be really good, wow, common trend there.

  28. yo king, por sanis lomoris?
    Yeah, I heard something similar. C.C.C is apparently the “go to” science school in the area. I thought there was another school? O well

  29. Hello Hamsika Di,
    I think that Caltech likes MIT blogs want to participate in them ! But the topic of discussion was EMT Class and MIT’s environment !! Don’t they know this ??

    MIT is the Best and its students are the best, caltech people want to get admission in MIT thats why they are visiting MIT blogs to ask about the procedure!! I think so !!

    Dii, next time you write a blog ‘MIT is the Best’
    Good Job !

  30. S. '14? says:

    I’ve applied at both MIT and Caltech but seeing the desperate antics of ‘caltechmathgod’ i regret applying at Caltech..
    And MIT’s blogs are the best!!!

  31. Caio '14? says:

    Did any of you stopped to think that those “mathgods” can be MIT students in disguise, playing some sort of funny microhack in Hamsika’s blog?

  32. What is this I am seeing caltechmathgod? And caltechmathking you too? Come on guys, you’re Caltech students! Caltech! We are a vocational school. We can’t compete with MIT. We can’t do what they do. They do the research. We are just lab assistants. But, hey, WE ARE GREAT LAB ASSISTANTS! No MIT student has EVER been a better lab assistant than a CalTech Student(Probably because they were the people whose research we were ‘assisting’, but never mind). And we are multi-talented! We are also great janitors – in fact we produce the best janitors in the world! How many janitors does MIT produce? Ha! None! Beat that MIT!

    And caltechmathgod, you should be proud of your school instead of accusing MIT of being at our level. Come on, unlike us, they don’t have to take that computer science course at the California School of Culinary Arts, Pasadena.

    But it’s okay to vent your frustration. I’m sure that the people at MIT won’t mind. They are not 6 year old, you see.

    Otherwise how are your cooking majors coming along? I heard that the American Academy of Dramatic Arts is offering an “Exaggerated sense of ability” major at Caltech, starting next year. That’s great news! You can learn so much from them! Psst … I have heard that their science courses are the best available in Pasadena. If you can, try to sneak into their classes. But don’t let anyone find out this secret tradition of ours, okay?

    Good luck once again. I have to go, that was all the time I was allowed. And caltechmathgod, don’t forget, 1+1 is 2 and not 3. Okay?

  33. steve says:

    caio, I dont think so, because these “gods and kings” have made their way into other blogs as well.
    Both sides seem to be enjoying it, is this a common occurance?

  34. Oh sorry, I forgot to mention. I also applied to MIT. smile

    What are you looking at? I’m not the first guy from caltech who wants to be at MIT! Boo!

  35. ghost of amos isnt real…no caltecher would choose the mitt.
    Hello king, god!
    anyway, just heading down to the beach with our blonde girlfriends and after that maybe some nice warm outside activities, followed by studying some math FAR too difficult for the mitt.

  36. Welcome, chief!
    What is this nonsense from “ghost of a throop?” Our computer sciences are number 1 in the world…lol the fact that mit allows wellesey heathen into their program….LOLOLOL!

  37. anon says:


    You guys do realize that caltechmathgod might not go to Caltech or MIT at all, but is actually some bored high school senior quietly laughing at the ensuing arguments. Or maybe caltechmathgod is a Harvard student. Or a professor. Or a janitor.

    …Just saying.

  38. anon says:

    Also @caltechmathchief, I could tell you firsthand that it’s still not warm enough to go out to the beach. :D

  39. Just wondering, since the IQ card has been brought up..are most MIT/caltechers all within the super IQ ranges? Say 140-150+?
    I’d bet almost everyone is in mensa, and at least intertel, but how many triple nines/eximias/megas do we have?

  40. Put this in my application essay, as a clipped “supplement” example….god or bad?

    Observable laws and set conditions define our methods of definition in relation to Cosmological models of the universe, and by intransalistic association, the “theory of everything”, or better yet, the very notion of existence itself. Clearly seen are accepted properties such as gravity, universal expansion, relativity, and so forth; few stands are given to any aberrations from these “standards”, as they are, of course, proven.
    However, the questionable reason for origin (or its reciprocal) may coerce perusal of such unquestioned ‘absolutes.’ The in-sanstrinstic law of infinity procalates an idea: what if ANYTHING could have theoretical existed? After the big bang? Or before the big bang? Why is the universe as it is at all- a big bang 13.7 billion years ago followed by what we see today? If random trumps reason, not form should be any more expected then another. Existence could have created a non-physical universe, or a universe that hasn’t started yet (now THERE’S a mind-warping thought) or ,I suppose, ANYTHING. Existence might not have been at all. Or there might have been (or might be) more than one. This would also challenge the concept of “supernatural.” Theoretically, any verison of reality mathematically could have (and paradoxically does.) So is natural theomorphism to hard to believe?
    After the big bang, anything could have formed. Whose to say there aren’t multiverses, “superverses”, or an infinite number of scenarios?

  41. nowar says:

    I know MIT is the best, but I don’t think showering abuses on Caltech and its students will do any good. For all we know, this guy might be deliberately provoking us. The last thing we would want on the admissions blog would be an inter-university flame war. Sorry Hasmika, for being off-topic.

  42. Zeki('14?) says:


    Come on!It is just a funny contention between two universities.Generally scientific!I love this peaceful (includes hacks) competition between MIT and Caltech…There must be more examples like this…

  43. Brad says:

    Hey caltech guy, don’t mess around if i get into MIT bud. I’ll get the class of ’14 to steal your cannon again XD. Sounds like they must have seen something they liked in you Hamsika. Either that or only 30 people interviewed lol but i think it’s the former. If i’m choking on food in MIT’s cafeteria i’ll hope u’re around ^_^.

  44. Caio '14? says:

    I think that’s why Caltech students don’t have blogs: They don’t know how to write. hahahah

  45. I don’t know if I should ask here or not but if you know the answer please reply. I applied to MIT and other colleges and listed all the courses I took/am planning on taking. One of the courses I was taking was micro economics in the beginning of the year and macro at the end. the only thing is that the teacher assigns alot of unnecessary work (this might be because its her first year teaching econ)and I think I’m better off attending my uncle’s classes ( he teaches at william patterson, a NJ state college). So the question is, can I drop macro economics even though I put it on my application. note that I am still planning on taking the AP test and am confident that I can score a 5

  46. D says:

    I think you can, considering the fact that we can ‘update’ our applications in the Mid-year report. I’m also thinking that you should mention which course you replaced macro economics with, just so your application does not lose any ‘weight’. I hope that helps. I wish you all the best.

  47. D says:

    @I have a question: Please refer to the above post.

  48. Anonymous says:

    I hate how actually questions are being ignored because of the spamming garbage….

  49. Val'14? says:

    Your IAP sounds amazing, Hamsika. It must be rewarding.=) Keep us posted!

    PS. I didn’t realize Techers have girlfriends.

  50. Hi Hamsika Dii,

    Dear Readers please, do comment on how you liked reading this amazing blog !

    I really liked the spirit in which it is written, ‘I can save you’ ! Amazing title, haha smile !!

    By the way the best work to help others !! And Hamsika Dii, good job ! Drive MIT ambulance with carefully and while checking ABC(Airway, breathing, circulation make sure that Oxygen reaches the Brain !! Thats important, u know why na??
    Thats because…..

    Arry !! Yaa !! Ohh I forgot your course 9 (Brain and Cognitive sciences ) Hahahaha !!

    So, thats why !! its important (O 2 for brain)!!
    Goodluck !!
    Enjoy your food !! (after you finish writing one more nice and interesting blog)

  51. @ viva la spam war

    Viva la Admins

  52. Hamsika '13 says:

    @ Anonymous

    You’re right, it’s sometimes a little hard to respond to questions on this thread. Feel free to e-mail, though – and I’ll try to reply as soon as I can – or at least, I’ll forward to someone who might be able to answer the question/s better.

    @ Dave

    Thank you smile

  53. Jeremy says:

    OMG, how hard is it to get into this school!? i want to transfer in, but i keep hearing people didn’t get in, i got a 3.777 gpa right now, and i still think it’s not enough because i don’t have a job, and not too much community service(though i’m working on that right now). What activities did you guys who got in do?

  54. anon says:

    we win USAMOs yearly and have companies that will become the next google/microsoft
    we are also captains of nationally ranked science olympiad/FIRST teams
    there’s also the junior philharmonic orchestras/national honors societies/volunteering/division I varsity sports that we take part in. but those are really just on the side
    and a 3.78? you’re kidding. why are you even bothering?


  55. Jeremy says:

    so their’s no way in hell i’m getting in?

  56. Jeremy says:

    what was your average when you got in?

  57. Jeremy says:

    well i’m still going to try.

  58. @ anon

    GPA is one factor among many, and with everything else is evaluated in the context of each student’s personal circumstances. That’s why we list ranges. It’s not just because we’re fans of The Price is Right.

    @ Jeremy

    Transfer admissions are a different process, and you can find info on the Transfer Admissions site. It is a more competitive process than freshman admissions, but don’t let that discourage you.

  59. Jeremy says:

    You’ve got a sense of humor Dave, I like that, but i also like anon’s honesty. If it’s not likely, it’s not… it’s just that i know it’s the school for me, oh well, i’ll have to stick around the bottom feeders for now.

  60. Hamsika '13 says:

    Jeremy –

    I thought there was no way I’d get in.
    Look where I am now. No harm in trying smile

  61. Jeremy says:

    I think i deserve to get into that school, but i just don’t think i’ll be able to prove it, “it’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove.”

  62. Jeremy says:

    In high school I had a 79.something (i think) average, i went into the army to try and take care of something, when i got out, I was fried, took a long vacation (about 2 years), then got into a college, John Jay and my first semester i got a 3.6 gpa i messed up in english and ethnics lol. got an A in pre-calc (easy i know), and calc this semester, all A’s this semester. what was i thinking? ah, i’ll get into some school. enjoy MIT.

  63. Mike says:

    I got 3 Ds in my junior year, including math and chemistry, and I’m applying anyway (senior)
    TRUE, I’ve also published artices on neuronanotechnology, have worked with several top level scientists, have an IQ of over 170 (started talking at 9 months) and generally believe I’m of the sort appropriate for MIT.
    I do not believe MIT looks at the simply the “numbers” for academic achievement, which are meaningless indicators of true intelligence and intuition.
    Its not about what you’ve done, but rather, what you WILL do.

    (p.s…. the Ds were as followed:
    class participation-0%
    tests-105% (there were also 5 extra points available)
    never picked up the book once.

    p.s.s…the catchpa word was “rupee”, if thats a coincidence…

  64. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Dave Owen, do you have an Email I may reach? I have a few questions…

  65. Jeremy says:

    @ mike

    That makes me so mad, i hate it when students pass a class because of homework… that only means you can work all day and all night, and you’ll still fail at what you do.

  66. mike says:

    I actually failed the homework, if you read it again. I received 105 on every test without doing any homework or any studying. Tests an quizzes make up 65% of the grade. I received 0s in every other category. I finished with a D
    Understand what I’m trying to say?

  67. Jeremy says:

    i’m just bitter, i really wanted to go to this school. but i do hate that.

  68. Jeremy says:

    i’m talking about other students

  69. Jeremy says:

    you should have gotten an A in each class

  70. mike says:

    ah…lol my apologies.
    I also take your stand in opinion; the studyers vs the thinkers.
    I am proudly the latter.

  71. Jeremy says:

    well… the project are important to show real world usage of what you learned, atleast to me, that not a waste of time, that’s practical application.

    i’ll stop using this blog as a chat room now.

  72. Jeremy says:

    oh and

    @ anon

    thanks, i needed some brutal honesty, i kept calling the admissions office and would keep hanging up with the delusion that i could still get in. Thank you for setting me straight, but if i were still going to try, what would you recommend i do?

  73. Jeremy says:

    Oh, i hate delusion too

  74. Jeremy says:

    actually can anyone answer my question?

  75. Hey CalTechChief, long time, no see? How have you been?

    Of course no CalTecher would choose MIT; they don’t just admit anybody! But I’m sure we will have a chance if we get our academics to the same level as our tendency to spam their blogs. wink

    “ghost of amos isnt real”. Genius! Of course it isn’t real. It is a ghost – ghosts aren’t real (or material). Today’s CalTech students are smart! Really.

    And yes, our computer science program is the best in the world. But lately I have been thinking that the course should be made more challenging – I don’t think anybody who can turn on a computer should be awarded a Computer Science degree at CalTech. Don’t you agree?

    And come on math chief, knowing multiplication is really amazing, but I have a feeling you’ll need a more math than that to keep up with MIT. But we will be there soon!

    Now be nice CalTech students and stop spamming the post. You don’t them taking away our cannon. Again.

    @anon at 05:30 PM : I think I am beginning to agree with you. Considering their reactions towards A.G. Throop, I doubt they even know who he was.

    @Kings, Gods and chiefs : With all due respect, go look up who A.G. Throop was.

  76. navin says:

    i dont understand why caltechmathgod and caltechmath chief trying to prove Caltech is better?
    ALL the WORLD agree’s that MIT is the best engineering and science college on the planet!

  77. @ Anonymous

    dmcowen at mit dot edu.

    @ Jeremy

    I can tell you we’ll look at you as a whole person and try to determine if you’ll fit at MIT and thrive. I can tell you transfer admissions is the hardest way to get here. But I can also tell you the admit rate for people who talk themselves out of applying: 0%. It’s all up to you. Good luck!

  78. mike says:


    agree. you have a chance. MIT looks for two things in an applicant: intelligence and drive. if you can display these , do so anyway you can.

  79. Snad says:

    To start off, i have never seen so much spam in my life. Congratulations Caltech, that is quite amazing. I find it funny that the Caltech students don’t even know who Amos G. Throop is. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is he not the founder of California Institute of technology?

    Yes, MIT does look at grades slightly, but more of a factor of drive, and determination I’d say. Showing that you are different and unique. While getting 100+ on all tests and quizzes is quite admirable, not doing other required work shows laziness, imo. It clearly says you are smart and gifted, but they look past your grades, and into more of wo you are, your character.

    And back on to task here, that IAP sounds amazing, and if I’m admitted, I would love to do MIT EMT! It sounds like it’d be a blast.

    reCAPTCHA: chickens people…lmao

  80. S. says:

    @ Astrophysicist…
    What was that?? I didn’t even get past the 1st line…

  81. Ok…ok. Since you guys have slammed me around hard enough in this forum, I surrender. MIT>Caltech!
    PS: Do you really think I’m serious? Hahahahaha (evil laugh)

  82. Oh no…betrayal! Oh well. Since I was backing caltechmathgod,I guess my job is done. I surrender. MIT(sigh)>CalTech (breaks down crying)
    (NOTE: This confession is nullified if caltechmathgod was not being serious, and was actually being sarcastic!)

    PS: I guess ReCaptcha is truly psychic-it was:
    at excreta

  83. genius ('18) says:

    So. Who’s right? – Did you just say MIT>CalTech? Amazing. Way to go MIT!