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MIT student blogger Shannon M. '12

Valentine’s Day Eve Day. What? by Shannon M. '12


IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR THE LAZY: You, email me, picture of you + Valentine’s Day card. End memo.

First, and most importantly: BEN FOLDS IS COMING TO MIT.

So every year we have this thing called Spring Weekend (the link is to last year’s site), which this year falls around Drop Date, the last day to drop classes and have them disappear from your transcript (April 23); AXO Lip Sync, which Snively has blogged about (April 24, and formally Alpha Chi Omega, by the dubs, shortened to A Chi O); and Greek Week, which is this week long celebration of Greek life on campus, which is kind of a big deal- last I checked, 50% of men are in frats, and a little less than 25% of women are in sororities (April 26 through May 2, in case you were curious). Paul, Chris, and I are all Greek, but that is an entirely different topic.

What’s most important, is that right there in the middle of all that awesomeness is the awesomeness that is Ben Folds on April 25. Christmas come 8 months early. Literally. I am so exited beyond belief right now.

But okay, so that was exciting news today on campus, but, you know, Ben Folds only got the thumbs up from 70% of the student population, no big deal. Today being the day before Valentine’s Day meant that the different a cappella groups on campus (plus the fabulous, never imitated, very charismatic and definitely shameless marching band) were all selling serenades- for a mere 10 to 20 dollars, you could chose from a list of songs and have them sung to your sweet heart/friend/sorority sister you really wanted to embarrass (uh…) in the middle of class.

By far the most adorable of the groups doing this, though, was the Logs (short for Logarhythms), who are our all-male a cappella group and kind of the heart throb of more than one female I know.

To get a taste of this, here’s them at our CPW closing ceremonies last year, though the quality is kind of eh. If you really need to procrastinate, just youtube “MIT Logarhythms” and you can lose a few hours of your life.

So in the middle of our 18.03 (Differential equations) lecture, a bunch of guys in shirts and ties ran into 10-250, yelled out a girl’s name, and went running up to serenade her. To give you some sense of how middle of everything this was, here’s the end of the song and them literally just running past our very bewildered professor.

And the song they sang to her, as sung at their concert back in December.

They’re pretty awesome.

What’s ALSO awesome (oh, slick transition WHAT) are the Valentine’s Day cards we sent you kids earlier this week. So. Following last year’s tradition, send me an email with a picture of you and your card (and tubes and Holiday cards, if you’re feeling particularly awesome) and I’ll put all of them up tomorrow in an awesome collage. It’ll be awesome.

And before I use the word awesome again, I should probably end this entry. Alright. GO EMAIL GO.

20 responses to “Valentine’s Day Eve Day. What?”

  1. Ming says:

    Ben Folds was just at Princeton Wednesday night. He was so awesome. And very enthusiastic, as he broke the low D string on the piano he was using.

  2. Matt A. says:


  3. oo7 says:

    haha guys should send you a picture?? you are tryin’ to find a date here! unfortunately I don’t have a picture :( Anyway I’ll see you next year!

  4. Banerjee says:

    Hey they’re pretty hillarious… I’m talking about MIT Logarhythms.

  5. Narce says:

    Based on the number of comments (and somewhat immature comment from 007), I hope you got enough photos “>_> 1 day might not have been enough notice

  6. oo7 says:

    Narce, immature comment? why?!

  7. Yan says:

    Darn, I was going to put up a video of the exact same performance in 18.03. Maybe nobody will realize that it’s a repeat.

  8. Narce says:

    How can anyone not notice if you’ve announced it?! XD

  9. Narce says:

    “you are tryin’ to find a date here!”

    That kind of sarcasm when you can’t even comply to her request is, to me, slightly immature.

  10. Dhvanit says:

    Hey, do we still get a belated Valentine’s Day card if we get selected for the RD !?

    And yeah, Logarhythms IS awesome!

  11. Shannon says:

    haha, 007, I am not looking for a date. But seriously, you guys, I have two photos so far. It is possible to take a new photo of yourself. Think of this as a facebook profile picture update opportunity.

  12. Sheila '13 says:

    hey shannon,

    check ur inbox. :D Two pics of me. and the card/tube

    happy valentine’s day! hey shannon,

    check ur inbox. :D Two pics of me. and the card/tube

    happy valentine’s day! <3 <3

  13. Narce says:

    I guessed right. You did only give one day of notice, and on a long weekend I know quite a few high schoolers who are just plain out of town with their families! And there are more still too busy going out on dates for Valentine’s day both last night and today >.>

    So most people probably just haven’t read your entry yet ;_;

  14. Narce says:

    I’ll have that email to you by the end of the day….

    I’ve been meaning to put me+ all early admit stuff as my FaceBook profile pic for the past, err, since the valentine’s cards came, but this gives me a better incentive to actually take the shot XD

  15. Sara '13 says:

    I was there for last Spring Weekend and not only saw Third Eye Blind perform, but also got to meet them. : ) MIT is the best ever.

  16. oo7 says:

    thank god I din have a photo, or else I would have ask’d for a date with Shannon!

  17. Womrrfqr says:

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  18. Alex says:

    Logarhythms…… only at MIT