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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

I Wish I Was an Astronaut by Bryan

I was a nerd even back in 3rd grade.

Not really…but I used to.

I wrote this little diddy back in 3rd grade, just thought I’d share.

Mollie, maybe Adam wants to make this the course 16 anthem?

Background: In 3rd grade, we had to do creative biographies about individuals, and I chose Neil Armstrong, and furthermore, I chose to do a rap about him. This only demonstrates how nerdy I was even back then, except I didn’t wear glasses.

The Rap:

“Neil Armstrong is my name,
Planes and space is my game,
First American on the moon, that’s my claim to fame.
Some say I look ugly,
Some say I look good,
But outer space is my neighborhood,
On July 16, 1969,
Apollo left earth with one thing on it’s mind,
To boldly go where we’ve never gone before,
Armstrong and his men opened up a new door,
To that new frontier in outer space,
As an astronaut at that NASA place.”

Copyright – Dj B
Album – Phat Beats from the Playground, Vol. 3

MIT has a set of it’s own astronauts as well.

What is the nerdiest creative project you’ve ever had to do?

5 responses to “I Wish I Was an Astronaut”

  1. thekeri says:

    In 5th grade, we had to do a biography of any person generally considered a peacemaker. I was the only person to pick Martin Luther King, Jr., which made me happy (woo hoo! No copying everyone else!). All of the other girls chose Mother Teresa,, which I couldn’t understand – why would they all pick her, when there were so many other peacemakers you could do biographies about?

    See, when our teacher told us about the project, I’d missed one major detail: we were supposed to dress up as the person we’d picked, and do the whole report in the first person. And the most obvious choice for all of the girls was Mother Teresa.

    So when all of the girls draped themselves in sheets to look like nuns, I became the nine-year-old crossdresser in a suit and tie, complete with gunshot wound and typed copy of the “I Have A Dream” speech.

    …I still say I did better than the rest of them. ^_^

  2. Atul Gupte says:

    well , i think this was back when i was in 5th grade. we were asked to learn about our culture ( ie , learn about the culture n traditions of the state we were from ).i guess i missed the “learn” part. i had submitted a report on it , complete with small stick-models depicting various ceremonies n ways of life n stuff like that ! i got top grade on that project though…

  3. Katy says:


    Ben chose Houdini about that time. Two forms of escapism? LOL

    Hope you are having some fun this summer. I hear you are working ALL of the time.

  4. Jess says:

    Okay, I definitely wrote about being an astronaut. Except it was in my paper journal. and I just put it up on my blog. WO.

    But the nerdiest was probably a twelve page paper, plus a completely unnecessary presentation (including audio accompaniment) on Richard Cheese. Download some of his music. It’ll change your life.

  5. Dinyar says:

    lol I love that rap you wrote.. :D

    Think the nerdiest thing I did was some time in 7th grade when a friend of mine and I pulled out a laptop in a club (on the 13th of march shortly before midnight) and wrote a program using the monte-carlo algorithm to apporximate Pi..