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MIT student blogger Hamsika C. '13

Ich Liebe Deutschland! by Hamsika C. '13

A video entry - because I was too lazy to type smile

(Sorry for the abrupt ending! I accidentally pushed the button to stop recording a few seconds before I was actually done speaking, haha)

19 responses to “Ich Liebe Deutschland!”

  1. nice post says:

    nice vlog (:, yeah in the spring it really is beautiful here.
    Make sure you don’t miss the Reeperbahn in Hamburg at Friday night, and oh yeah if you go to Berlin, the nightlife there is also pretty impressive.

    What else? right, try “D√∂ner-Kebab mit Kalbsfleisch und Avocado Sauce” and some German Currywursts.

    wish you all the best for the rest of your stay

  2. Liz '14 says:

    I’m jealous. Great post, though. Viel Spass!

  3. This video is Awesome, the place is really nice smile

    How do we say, “I Love India” in Deutsch ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    @Sambheet: Ich liebe Indien

  5. Amethyst says:

    1) The “ich” in German is not quite pronounced “ish”, but more like “ih-hk” with a very soft “k” sound, barely breathed in.
    2)The countryside in Europe is so beautiful!! It is almost life-changing smile We used to live near a road/pathway like that (except with fewer trees and more of a slope); in winter we used to sled down it for a mile or more. We saw deer a lot, and once, a tiny weasel or stoat.
    3)The bird you hear at 6:52ish is a European blackbird, and he is NOT happy with you…lol
    4)AWESOME VLOG!!! :D

  6. abir '14 says:

    aww Hamsikaa!! hope you’re having a blaaast!

  7. Carin '13 says:

    All I can say is: 21F.401 . I’m taking it in the fall. you should too

  8. Ahmad '15? says:

    Nice post , have fun :D

  9. Leilani '15? says:

    I love your hair!!!

  10. Nice vlog. You do have a very nice voice. Have fun in Germany!

  11. How did you shoot this video? Did someone else take it while you walked and talked? (I’m guessing it must be…unless its something else…)

  12. Hamsika '13 says:

    @ yetanotherhopeful ’15 – haha, it’s kind of sad, but i did it myself. i held the camera to my right as i walked smile

  13. Ph.j says:

    Hey :D,

    Could please tell me If i can apply in MIT’s aero-astro for Masters, I am an undergrad student in electronics & communication, m from India.

  14. Andrew '14 says:

    Hamsika you’re so pretty smile Haha I porbably shouldn’t ask, but do you have a boyfriend at MIT?

  15. Anonymous says:

    What a thing to be posted in MIT’s admission blog?
    I ask the admissions committee as if whats the point of this whole video?
    Explanation is pretty good.
    But there is not a single place where the author’s live videos from the places explained has been recorded. I startes watching the video with many expectations but all to zero. Well done admissions!!!

  16. @Anonymous
    I hope that you understand that all of us who log onto this website want some information about mit. We also like to know what kind of people live at mit. Sometimes a web page explaining how splendid mit is, does not hold our attention. Videos like these help us to have a look at the real people at mit, what they really do and stuff like that. This is the only reason why I log onto mitadmissions every time I switch on the computer. There is nothing wrong with this vlog according to me.

  17. Ammar says:

    Nice Vblog!
    While I admit I like reading much better than listening, it’s wonderful how much more ground you can cover in 10 minutes of video compared to your usual blog post, and the scenery was a great addition too.

    So, Classical Mechanics? A pretty straightforward yet fun subject, and requires significantly less planning.

  18. genius ('18) says:

    Hmmmm…you’ve summed up Germany pretty well!
    1.) Amazing countryside
    2.) Small streets
    3.) German football is INTENSE!!!!!
    As for your pronounciation, it actually seems quite good! Have fun in Deutschland!