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MIT blogger Rona W. '21

if rupi kaur went to mit by Rona W. '23

milk and funny


hi there it’s rona w. ‘21
your newest admissions blogger
and sometimes i write bad instagram poetry
—an intro post, kinda


heart racing
hands quivering
cheeks flushing
these late nights always drive me crazy
next time i promise
i will start this assignment early
—due at 11:59 p.m.



kung fu tea: 1.6 miles
gongcha: 2.0 miles
tea-do: 2.1 miles
happy lemon: 1.9 miles
royaltea: 2.1 miles
—distance makes the heart grow fonder


when you cross maseeh dining hall
every head turns
gasps and hushed whispers follow you
i wish i knew your name
but for now i’ll call you
by your scientific designation
“mus musculus”


every time i get an email from you
my heart skips a beat
how i wish you would say
those three little words
three little words to change my life
“grade cutoffs posted”
—dear professor


what do i love about you?
you’re so brilliant
the sun might be jealous
you ask questions
more swift
and brave
and endless
than the ocean
sometimes you keep me up all night but
i love you anyway mit
—love letter