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MIT student blogger Afeefah K. '21

I’ve Been Staring At The Edge of The {Charles River} by Afeefah K. '21

'long as I can remember, never really knowing why


I wish I could be the perfect [beaver]

But I come back to the water, no matter how hard I try

Every [test] I take, every [pset] I [crack]

Every [deadline] I make, [Mass Ave] leads back

To the place I know, where, where I long to be…

Okay I’m done now. I’ve taken way too many photos of the skyline over the past year. Below is the product: a unique look at my freshman year. And just as the skyline looked different at every second of the day, so did every second of being at MIT.  Sometimes, the twinkling lights of the Prudential tower accompanied me into the late hours of the night. Other times, the sunrise reflected off of brownstone buildings, filling my room with an early morning serenity. More often than not, it was all engulfed by the infamous Boston fog. Thanks for always being there Boston skyline. I love you, bud.