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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

Making A Splash on July 4: The Celebration in Photos by Bryan

July 4th - A Photo Essay

(and maybe a little text here and there)

So pretty much July 4th was all about the BBQ and fun with friends. I took in the action from Baker where I lived my freshman year.

Here are a few pictures and videos from the day.

And also, for more on July 4, check out Matt’s Blog.

Movie 1
Movie 2

Tom is a grilling MACHINE.

Some friends pose while waiting for some BBQ.

Jackie and Nikki share their burgers.

Martijn + Slip and Slide

I told you I was accident-prone.

A little wet.









I was always told that July 4th in Boston was something I should experience at least once, and while I probably did enjoy it when I lived here when I was younger, it was a totally different experience watching the fireworks and knowing what elements would yield what colors when burned. Go Chemistry!

At some point during the night among other humorous conversations, me and my friends decided to discuss baby names, and in the true spirit of MIT, a friend said:

Friend: If I had a daughter, I would name her Athena and if I had a son, I would name him Kerberos.

Classic Nerd Humor.

I have a ton more photos where these came from so if you’d like to see them, email me at [email protected].

7 responses to “Making A Splash on July 4: The Celebration in Photos”

  1. madmatt says:

    Nice photos, both July 3rd and 4th! Ah, I miss Baker’s 4th of July festivities…

  2. Pam says:

    Hahaha, those are some funny pics of yourself. I’m glad you had a great 4th! And Athena and Kerberos actually are really good names… hmmm… Hahaha smile

  3. Mitra says:

    Is that Tabitha I see?!

    btw, I want to name my daughter “Sara Tonin”

  4. marissa says:

    This looks great and fun! Have a great summer. Hope to see you soon.

  5. Ben says:

    Video? Video?!? Man, you are my hero. I thought your photo formatting rocked, but VIDEO? You are pwning all of us. grin

  6. Meder says:

    as usually comment this kind of entries, COOL PICS

  7. Diana says:

    4th of July was so awesome…good job on that cake too, Bryan