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MIT staff blogger Kris Guay

Missing Documents Deadline by Kris Guay

please check MyMIT

Hi all-

This is a quick update for our Early Action applicants.

As of tonight, we have finished processing all mail and loaded everything into our system. If you have applied to us Early Action, please log into MyMIT and confirm your application tracking is complete. We just emailed everyone who was missing components so you may have received a direct message from us. If you have missing components, don’t panic. We have not yet begun to review partial applications. But we will soon.

All missing components must be received by: 

5 pm, Eastern Standard Time, on Tuesday, November 19.

Do not send your missing components by mail! If your school uses Docufide you may request that your Guidance Counselor submit the missing materials via that service. Otherwise, fax the missing documents to 617.687.9184. Please allow for five days before contacting our office to make sure we've received and processed your newly submitted documents. If at this point you would like to withdraw your application from consideration at MIT just email us.

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