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MIT staff blogger Chris Peterson SM '13

Missing Documents Due Monday by Chris Peterson SM '13

important information to make your application complete

Hi y’all –

Quick update for our Regular Action applicants. As Matt posted last week, we have been working through our buckets and buckets of mail since the New Year. However, as of tonight, we have finished processing all mail, hand-checked all filing cabinets, scoured all of our faxes and emails, and loaded everything into our system.

If you are a prospective member of the Class of 2016, this would be a mighty good time to log into MyMIT and confirm your application tracking is complete. McGreggor also just emailed everyone who was missing components so you may have received a direct message from him.

If you have missing components – relax. This happens. We have not yet begun to review partial applications, and we never make admissions decisions unless we have sufficient information upon which to render that decision.

That said, you should move rapidly. All missing components must be received by 5 pm, Eastern Standard Time, on Monday, January 30, 2012..

Do not send your missing components by mail! If your school uses Docufide you may request that your Guidance Counselor submit the missing materials via that service. Otherwise, fax the missing documents to 617.687.9184.

Please allow for five days before contacting our office to make sure we’ve received and processed your newly submitted documents. If at this point you would like to withdraw your application from consideration at MIT just email us.

Ok, I’m going to go read some more apps. Thanks everyone!

(p.s.: read Elizabeth’s blog entry)

86 responses to “Missing Documents Due Monday”

  1. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:

    Hi Sri –

    Sorry, you’ll need to ask FinAid directly. I know the deadline is Feb 15th but I don’t know what, if any, accommodations they will offer.

  2. yafael says:

    Hello everyone!
    I really appreciate the work of admission office. Thank you everyone!

    Well, I mentioned about my research in Mid Year Report. Should I send the abstract? Would that be considered? I mean do you require any kind of details regarding it?
    Thanks for your help!

  3. Ogbogu says:

    Hi Chris,
    First of all my MyMIT account is showing my test scores status as not received even though I sent them since october. Second of all the email I received indicating that I had missing documents said I have two missing documents but only told me one “My official transcript”, I don’t know if that automatically means the second document is the secondary school report. If it does I am puzzled because I spoke to an international representative and she said the secondary school report is not required for internationals.

  4. Ogbogu says:

    One more thing chris, will MIT regard a transcript that is not faxed from the school as official. If they wont I think I really have a problem because my school doesn’t have a fax machine. Can It just be faxed?

  5. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:

    @Yafael –

    You don’t need to send the abstract. If we have additional questions about it we can always inquire.

    @Ogbogu –

    What does MyMIT application tracking say you are missing? MyMIT is the ultimate arbiter of whether we have your stuff or not because it plugs directly into our application database.

    It sounds like you have access to a fax machine but your school does not? If that is the case we would prefer to have your school’s seal or something on it to help ensure its legitimacy.

    As for your test scores not being in since October – I don’t know what that means other than that we don’t have them. I would contact the College Board ASAP and see if you can have them sent to us again.

  6. Dingzhong Weng says:

    Hey, I’ve got a question. So what would be the lastest SAT score MIT would accept? Is January’s still acceptable? What should I do?

  7. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:

    The last scores we will accept is from the testing date tomorrow.

  8. Lynn Huang says:

    Hi Chris,
    My Evaluation A teacher sent via post mail a recommendation and faxed it twice, but my MIT account still shows it missing. I called the admission office today and was given an officer’s fax number to send the evaluation to. My teacher just faxed it again and I will be calling the admission office tomorrow (January the 27th). Next Monday is the deadline and I am really concerned that if this fax is not received, my application will be incomplete. Is there anything else I can do to ensure the evaluation is received?

    Thank you very much!

  9. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:

    Hi Lynn –

    If your T faxed it today it should be fine. Shoot me an email too with all this info.

  10. Sarah Tanweer says:

    Hello Chris,
    I sent my TOEFL scores to MIT through ETS more than a week ago but my TOEFL scores are not showing up on my MyMIT account. Only my SAT 1 and SAT 2 scores are present on the testing requirements page. Since the deadline has been specified for missing documents to be sent I’m kind of worried now. Is it possible that my scores have been misplaced? Should I resend them if they still the scores still don’t show up on my account?

  11. Ashwin says:


    Thanks!! I just logged into MyMIT and saw the scores there.
    I guess I don’t need to panic now. smile

  12. Matt McGann '00 says:

    @Ismail: No need to do anything, you’re all set.

    @Ogbogu: I found your scores in a different record in our system. I have requested the records be merged.

    @Sarah: TOEFL scores take longer to be entered into the system. Don’t worry.

  13. Harry says:

    Hi Chris,

    For the MYR I’m confused as to which grades to supply for it. I just finished second quarter in my school and on my report card I will have a first quarter, second quarter, and midterm grade for each course. In context it seems that I should give the second quarter grade – is this true? Also my school follows a grade weighting system – should I give the weighted grades or should I remove the weights?


  14. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:

    Harry –

    We would like to see your midterm grade.

  15. Rahul says:

    Hello Chris,

    I had my interview with my EC on December 25, 2011 and I have already filled the Conducted Interview Form, but Interview is still not marked as complete in My MIT Account. What should I do ?

  16. Chen Yu says:

    Dear Chris

    I am an international applicant and I received an e-mail stating that I am currently missing Evaluations A & B as well as my High School Transcript. However I had already submitted both evaluations and my transcripts via Fed-ex.

    Here are the tracking numbers:

    Tracking no.: 8754-5975-6266
    : Evaluations A & B, High School Transcript (without Senior grades)
    : Sent on December 21, 2011 and delivered on December 27, 2011 at 9:32 AM.
    : Signed by T. Velez

    Tracking no.: 8770-1348-2541
    : High School Transcript (with Senior Mid-Quater grades)
    : Sent on January 5, 2012 and delivered on January 9, 2012 at 9:16 AM.
    : Signed by T. Velez

    Thank you very much for your help and your blog! I really appreciate it! =)
    I hope that you will have a great weekend.~

  17. yafael says:

    Hi Chris..
    Thanks for this blog!
    In Mid Year Report, should I write the marks received in my Mid year exam? This is because our school does not give grades. Would that be fine?

  18. Lynn Huang says:

    Yes, wholeheartedly agreeing with yafael above. Thanks for this blog!

  19. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:

    Yes Yash

  20. Ogbogu says:

    Thanks Chris, MyMIT says I am missing the Mid year Report, Transcript and Secondary School Report. Since I am an international applicant, I want to know if I need to send in my Secondary School Report.

  21. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:

    Ogbogu –

    We do like to see an SSR from internationals. What we don’t ask internationals to do is fill out the self-reported coursework. So yes, please send an SSR.

  22. Jun Ho Jung says:

    Hi Chris!

    I have not received any new information about my interview. I tried to arrange an interview before the deadline but failed to do so because of the limited capacity.

    Mr. Will Gaherty kindly informed me that since I contacted MIT before the deadline, my interview will be waived. But I have not received any e-mail about this issue.

    Could you please tell me if my interview has been waived?


    Jun Ho Jung

  23. Anonymous says:

    Hi Chris,

    Are the MYR grades self-reported or would you like an official transcript sent from the school?

  24. yafael says:

    Thanks Chris! smile

  25. Cat says:

    Hi Chris:
    I can’t find the fax cover sheet in MyMIT account. It was there a few weeks ago. help.

  26. Luky Romero says:

    My teacher for evaluation B had sent the document already but I may not know if she will be at school on Monday for me to be able to re-submit it due to a vacation period of NYS Regents Examination dates. She had notified me that she sent it but it was never confirmed on my checklist. Looks like I’m limited to doing one thing: running to school to see if she is there on Monday only if she doesn’t respond to my email on time. Oh the joy. :D Just commented to see if you may have suggestions.

  27. Shaheer Jawad says:

    Hi chris,
    As far as the mid year exams are concerned,I did not appear in them due to illness.Therefore,i dont have any mid year grades to send to MIT.So what should i do in this situation?.And one other thing i would like to ask is that along with the other parts of my application that were sent in fax,i also sent two supplement research papers to the admission office via mail.So how can i verify that those research abstracts i sent have been recieved and processed by the admission office?.Im asking this because on “My Mit” there are no checkboxes for supplemental material.


  28. some one says:

    hey Chris..
    my mit A/C is showing that my fee waviour has been granted. i didn’t have submitted any of them …. well… in my application it have indicated abt family gross income being way below $6000 per annum.

    is it is ok , Application Fee Fee Waiver Granted
    even if it happened by mistake is it is ok.

    i live out of US and even sending fax that far costs me big bucks. my thanks to admission officials.

  29. vk says:

    hello Chris
    got a small question to ask
    1. My mentor will send a recc letter early next week. He has been really busy the last few weeks involved in a research as well as taking care of his new born baby. Is early next week too late?
    P.S.- I am an international Applicant


  30. Ashwin says:

    Hey, I logged into my collegeboard account which says my test results for my December SAT was sent on December 20, 2011 but the tracking system says no test scores have been received.

    Should I start panicking now?!

  31. Ismail Breiwish says:

    Well I was informed that my evaluation B was missing. Because I’m doing A-levels, I have had no recent teachers who have taught me a humanities/social science subject, hence I am unable to obtain an evaluation B. I read somewhere on MIT’s admission site, that MIT knows that some people have not had a social science teacher for a a few years, and are thus able to send two evaluations from two science/math teachers.

    I decided that I would send two evaluation As, and I proceeded to do so. I sent evaluation forms by mail from my physics teacher labelled evaluation A and one from my chemistry teacher labelled evaluation A, as both are science/math teachers. In part 2 of the online application I was prompted to specify who my evaluators would be. I specified my evaluation A would be sent from my physics teacher and evaluation B would be sent from my chemistry teacher.

    What should I do? Should I resend my evaluation B (chemistry teacher) and instead have my chemistry teacher refill the evaluation form on an evaluation B form, and promptly send it by fax?

    Any response will be very much appreciated. I really want to be able to successfully submit my application to MIT.

  32. Gavin West says:

    Does this include midyear reports?

  33. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:

    No, MYR requests will go out next week.

  34. Harrison says:

    I am taking the SAT Subject Tests on the 28th, the January testing date. Are score reports exempt from the January 30th deadline?

  35. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:

    Yes, by necessity; however, you should make sure to have your scores sent directly from the College Board to MIT ASAP.

  36. Matt McGann '00 says:

    @Jun Ho: I might mention what your EC said in your MYR.

    @Anonymous: Self-reported. We will check these against your official final transcript for all admitted students.

    @Cat: I don’t know who you are, so I can’t look at your record to see what the problem might be.

    @Luky: Do your best, we are understanding of circumstances.

    @Shaheer: You can check the box saying that your have no midyear grades to report. We do not offer tracking for supplemental material.

    @someone: We were happy to offer the fee waiver, don’t worry.

    @vk: It is now four weeks after the deadline, but we will try to consider anything extra you send.

    @Ashwin: I found your scores in a different record in our system. I have requested the records be merged, which will complete your application.

    @Ismail: This is a common circumstance. Given your circumstance, we will consider your extra A eval as your second eval.

  37. Sri says:

    Did not see any Fin Aid blog. CSS Profile and tax returns are needed by 15th Feb. Some Financial services firms are saying that their 1099s will be only available by end of Feb.
    What to do in this situation?

  38. Ismail Breiwish says:


    Thanks for your response, Matt. In MyMIT, the documents that MIT say have been received is everything but my Evaluation B. Should I send it again? Again, I sent MIT TWO evaluation As…should I send the same recommendation, but send it as an evaluation B?

  39. Ellie says:

    Hi Chris,

    I’m a deferred early applicant, and I heard that if I send an additional letter of reccomendation from a mentor in early February, it may be reviewed in my regular decision application process. Can you confirm this, and where/to whom should I have it emailed? Thanks!

  40. Paula says:

    Hi! I got an e-mail telling me that MIT hadn’t yet received my Teacher A Evaluation so I asked my math teacher to re-fax it this morning. About how long could it take for the changes to show up on MyMIT so that I know if I should ask her to fax it again on Monday?

  41. Ashwin Iyengar says:

    Hi Chris,

    My Evaluation A teacher sent the form via post mail and faxed twice, but it never went through. I still got the missing items e-mail, and the website reports it incomplete. She faxed it last night and this morning, and got a “busy/no response” error from MIT’s fax machine. I’m going to overnight it, and try faxing both today and tomorrow. I’ll also try faxing on Monday. What else should I do? I’m worried about the deadline.


  42. Parijat Protim Bezbaruah says:

    Hey Chris,

    I wrote my SAT Subject Test on December 03,2011 and had sent the scores as soon as I got my results.According to “Collegeboard” website the scores were sent on December 20,2011.However MyMIT status shows an incomplete index.

    Kindly look into the matter and let me know if I have to resend my scores.

  43. Robert Sigmon says:

    Hi Chris,

    Took SAT Math Level 2 again today. Put MIT school code on form for College Board to send score. Hope it gets to you in time…


  44. some one says:

    i will not not be able to fax evaluation A , B and transcript on school letter head as our school policy empowers only headmaster to use school letter head.
    i think adding school stamp with signature of head master will do that.

  45. Ismail Breiwish says:


    Is there a way I could possibly confirm that MIT has received my second evaluation A? It still says in my application tracker that MIT is yet to receive my evaluation B. As of now, I’m still a bit nervous, although you said I was all set.

  46. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:

    @Ellie –

    If you fax it in to us there is a chance we may get it in time.

    @Ashwin –

    Sounds like you’ve done everything you can, and we’ll try to give you every consideration for your effort.

    @Parijat –

    Often with this happens it is because there are duplicate records in the system, because students applied with one set of information but sent their SAT scores with a slightly different set of information (like a differently spelled name, or a different address). Looks like that’s what happened to you, so I’ve asked for the data to be moved and it should happen Monday or so.

    @Robert –

    Good luck! Hope it went well.

  47. Paula says:

    How long should it take for changes to show up on MyMIT so we know if we should resend documents?

  48. Paula says:

    Thank you! Sorry; I lost my reason and the ability to read for a moment.

  49. Mathew says:

    Hey Chris!
    Look, I took my SATs again on the January test date (yesterday actually) and I specified for Score Choice to send all my SAT scores along with the January scores to MIT. Now the January scores will only be out by mid February, and I don’t know exactly when it’ll reach the Admissions office. Should I go ahead and send you guys my best test scores so far, and send in my January scores when they arrive? Or should I just wait till they send you all the scores when the January results are out?


  50. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:

    @Paula –

    Give us a few days.

    @Mathew –

    So you haven’t sent us anything yet? We should be able to hold off until we get those test scores (which is why we allow the January date). We can’t make any decision until we have official scores from you.

  51. Mathew says:


    Ok here’s what I did. On the collegeboard website, I specified MIT as a recipient and indicated that I wanted to send all my scores, ie, November, December, and January (which I had not taken at the time). They said that they would send the scores, and that the January score would be sent as soon as available. I’m not exactly sure whether they’ve already sent the November and December scores yet, but it’s not showing up on MyMIT so I’m guessing they haven’t. That being said, I’m still not sure. Is there any way I can check whether you’ve received those scores? Because if not, I can send them individually right away, and send the January scores separately as soon as they are released.


  52. Danyel Eduardo Cavazos Cavazos says:

    Same as above: I took my ACT in December(here at Mexico), and according to the page those results were already sent to the recipient. I marked MIT for receiving them, but they do not appear on MyMIT, what should I do?

    PS. I just took my SAT Subjects Tests today, so I marked MIT as one of my recipients also.


  53. Dheeraj , ind. says:

    Hey Chris,
    i was on phone call with secretary of my interviewer and i was told that as i am applying to Sloan, i don’t need an interview. . i reply to questions asked by interviewer through email and then i submitted conducted interview form.
    is it true that as i am applying to Sloan, i don’t need an interview. even if 4 an undergrad course ?

  54. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:

    Ismail –

    As Matt said, you’re all set. I’ll make a note in your application. MyMIT may not update because we would be making an exception for these circumstances, but your application will be considered.

    @Dheeraj –

    I don’t understand. If you are applying to Sloan for graduate school (an MBA or similar) then our office does not handle that. If you are applying to MIT for undergrad then you do not “apply to Sloan” as an undergrad, you just apply to all of MIT, which may be why your interviewer’s secretary was confused.

  55. Ismail Breiwish says:


    Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help.

  56. Ashwin Iyengar says:


    So I faxed in my Evaluation A form yesterday, and the fax machine said that it went through successfully. So does this mean that the admissions office will pick it up tomorrow and process it? Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

  57. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:


  58. mad heart, international says:

    that is what i tried to tell her
    “If you are applying to MIT for undergrad then you do not “apply to Sloan” as an undergrad, you just apply to all of MIT”
    i am fan of these blogs and that is why i was informed.

    now i think admission office will look after this matter with interviewer, isn’t it ?

  59. Ismail Breiwish says:

    Hi Chris,

    I outlined my situation earlier on in this read but I just would like to confirm that my application is complete. Because I’m doing A-levels I was unable to send an evaluation B to MIT, and instead I sent two evaluation As. MyMIT application tracker says that evaluation B is missing, and I also got an email from Paul McGreggor prompting me to send it ASAP.
    I would like a confirmation that my application can be processed now.


  60. Esma says:

    Hi Chris,
    I also have a problem with my SAT scores. They were sent to MIT on December 20, 2011 but they don’t appear in mymit account. Could you please check if they are in your system?

  61. Jessica says:

    Hello Chris!

    I’m filling out my mid-year report but I have become stuck. I am taking 4 classes that work on an A-day/B-day schedule. Each class is only one credit, so even though the first semester has ended, I have only completed half of the semester for those classes (or one and a half marking periods, since there are 3 marking periods in a semester, six in a year).

    I do have mid-year grades for my other classes, but for the A/B classes I only have the first marking period grades and my current grades for the equivalent of the second marking period. My current grades reflect only my work thus far from the second marking period and are not averages like a mid-year or final grade. Would these grades still be acceptable to submit?

    I’m sorry if this is confusing, the scheduling at my school can seem arbitrary at times.

    Thank you in advance smile

  62. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:

    Yes, that should be acceptable. We’ll contact you if we have additional questions.

  63. Maria says:

    It still won’t get through the fax :( We’ll keep trying though. But I’m really worried now. Will my application not be considered at all if you guys don’t get this one form? Because that would really suck. :( What time does the Admissions Office open?

  64. Kruthi says:


    My teachers have tried faxing their recommendations many times but every time they tried they received an error message. And the deadline is today and I’m really worried that my application will be rejected. Please help me out!

  65. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:

    A quick note to many people above:

    We have 700 faxes (and plenty of Docufide) on the machine this morning, so we will be working through those as quickly as we can. You should see them populate over the next few days.

    If the fax is failing for you – I do not know why. It is working generally. I’m putting a call into the company to check. In the interim please just try again!

  66. Shubhank Nigam says:

    Thanks for reply…
    Well my teachers tried again and again( in front of me) so they want me to ask you that is it possible that they scan it all and email it to you…If it is not okay they will try again tomorrow but I am worried about my application…..would this hurt my chances?

    n one more thing-Is there a particular time to fax or are the fax lines open 24 hours?

  67. Kruthi says:


    My teachers have asked me to fax the recommendation forms since they are unable to do it. I just tried faxing them five minutes ago and I still received an error. I am really worried. Please help!

  68. Elissa says:

    Hi Chris.

    I have two questions for you.

    1: I go to a small school. We have 100 students, 3 teachers, and there are 50 seniors applying to colleges. My teachers are inundated with recommendations and one of my evaluators says she may need some more time. Is it alright if she sends it later this week (even with today’s deadline)?

    2: My school does not have midterm tests. For the MYR, do I put in my quarterly grade?

    Thanks so much!

  69. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:

    So we just checked in with the folks who run our fax. We’re getting all of our faxes in fine, 2-3 a minute. So if you are having problems faxing…it’s on your side. I wish I could be more helpful but it’s hard for me to diagnose what’s going on on the other side. If you are an international applicant you can try later today or tomorrow to see if the problems resolve. I would also test your fax to make sure it’s working to other numbers.

    @Elissa –

    1) Yikes, OK. Just try to get them in as soon as possible.

    2) You should put your semester grade: the average of the first and second quarter.

  70. Parijat Protim Bezbaruah says:

    Hey Chris!

    I was wondering if my school has to fax MIT my Midyear Report transcript.


  71. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:

    No. Just send in from MyMIT.

  72. Maria says:

    1. Does this mean that the Admissions Office won’t reject our applications if we send in the missing documents later than the current deadline? Because this fax situation apparently seems out of our control.

    2. If fax fails completely, can our teachers send in scanned documents to a designated email address? It would be better than having no Evaluation Form to give. We’re all really worried and trying our hardest to get the forms to you on time, but the situation is so not in our control and a little more leeway would be much appreciated.

    Thank you for the prompt replies! Your blog has been more than helpful!

  73. Chockalingam says:

    I am an international student and I haven’t received any email on missing documents. But still MYMIT shows “Secondary School Report and Transcript” as pending. I have send the documents through Indian Speedpost with tracking numbers ET171546755IN and ET171546744IN. These are tracked as delivered and also Evaluation A and B which are send in the same packages shows as processed. Is there any incomplete information that is requested or do I need to resend this particular document again.

    Kindly confirm as I am left with no time.

  74. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:

    @Maria –

    1) It means we will try to hold off as long as possible because we know you are trying to send them in.

    2) You can send scanned evals to [email protected] and explain what the situation is. We should be able to hold on to them as a placeholder.

  75. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:

    If they are scanned please send them as a PDF!

  76. Maria says:

    Thank you, Chris. Will keep trying fax, and send in the scanned evals in the meantime.

  77. Kruthi says:


    Thank you! I just faxed them successfully from another fax machine. I need to fax my 10th and 11th grade’s transcripts though. Is it alright if I fax them tomorrow as my school has them and currently it is night in India? Also, I don’t have an official 9th grade transcript. Can I fax only the 10th and 11th ones?

    Thank you from the amazingly fast replies! Really helpful!

  78. Shubhank Nigam says:

    Thank you very much Sir..I will tell my teachers to send scanned evaluations (will make sure it is pdf )..But they will still try to fax it…hope it gets through…n I am really amazed with these fast replies!!

  79. Luba says:

    Hi Chris
    I am an international applicant. I took TOEFL IBT 14th of Jan and my ibt account indicator is telling that they processed my score to MIT in 24th of Jan.
    But, MyMIT dashboard shows that they haven’t received my score.
    I am worried my toefl score wouldn’t be processed before review.

  80. Kruthi says:


    Also, my TOEFL scores are not indicated in myMIT dashboard. My name is indicated differently on my TOEFL score reports. It is indicated as “Kruthi Mohan” First name, “S.A.” – Last name as opposed to my MIT app which has it listed as “Kruthi” First name, “Mohan” last name. Can you include it with my file somehow?

    Thank you!

  81. wrick says:

    I am an international applicant. I had requested evals & recc from my Physics Teacher, English Teacher and the Class Teacher (guidance counselor, who is also my Biology teacher) on 21st December. Everything is ready except eval B (from my English teacher) as she has been very busy. She is in another city now and will be returning tomorrow (Jan 31 here in India), and will be able to send eval B then. So I guess the evals & recc will be sent by 5 am EST, Jan 31. Please advise me.

    Thanks in advance.

  82. Shubhank Nigam says:

    Please help…My school sent all the transcripts through mail. But the mail was lost. Now after getting a message from MIT they have not received the mail my school have been trying to fax it again. But they were unable to do so. So today the school officials called me and tried to fax in front of me. An automated voice message said something like “We are sorry for delay.Please wait and our representative will talk to you”…But after 20-30 seconds they hung up on me.Please tell me what to do….Thanks in advance..

  83. Shubhank Nigam says:

    Please help…My school sent all the transcripts through mail. But the mail was lost. Now after getting a message from MIT that they have not received the mail, my school have been trying to fax it again. But they were unable to do so. So today the school officials called me and tried to fax in front of me. An automated voice message said something like “We are sorry for delay.Please wait and our representative will talk to you”…But after 20-30 seconds they hung up on them..Please tell me what to do….Thanks in advance..

  84. k3 says:

    Hi Chris,

    I was wondering if you could elaborate on the importance of the midyear report. Forexample, an IB diploma senior who had a low predicted grade (5 in Maths HL, 7 in Physics HL and 7 in Chemistry HL) in November works hard over Christmas and scores 7,7,7 in the mock exams. Which set of data will be given more weight by MIT? The prediction or the February working grade?

  85. Maria says:

    Dear Chris,
    I was notified that my Evaluation B is missing. My teacher tried faxing it today(Monday) but it bounced back, saying that there was a problem at the other end and that it wasn’t received. I’m from Pakistan, and we’re around 10 hours ahead of you guys, so at the time of faxing, it would have been around 6 am in Boston.Was this because the Admissions Office was closed during this time? She’ll try again in a couple of hours, when its bound to be open. Let’s just hope it gets through then!