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MIT student blogger Erick P. '17

MIT Researchers Develop Autonomous Shoe Technology by Erick P. '17

out of the MIT STrIDE group

MIT alumni have been responsible for some of the most revolutionary inventions in the world. Radar, modern lithium-ion batteries, canned soup, and the spreadsheet are just some of them. Today I found out about a new revolutionary technology being developed at MIT by the Self Treading Insole Design Experiment group (STrIDE). Using the same technology that’s found on autonomous cars, STrIDE has developed sensors for your shoe that alert you of incoming hazards and obstacles. The demonstrated use case is to avoid incoming traffic while walking and texting, but I think this technology would be extremely useful for helping people not stub their toe.


MIT Researchers Develop Self-Stepping Shoe

From the article:

“The smart device, an algorithm-based sensory attachment that connects to any footwear insole, uses high-precision radar and real-time GPS to automatically avoid obstacles and hazards in a walker’s path, especially oncoming pedestrians.

The 2×2″ device, called Toe the Line™, was developed by researchers in MIT’s STrIDE (Self Treading Insole Design Experiment) group, led by principal investigator Merry Andrew-Apriori. The multidisciplinary group also includes researchers in wearable technology fields.”


STrIDE’s product won’t be available until next year, but I hope to be first in line to get some.












p.s. april fools