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MIT student blogger Erick P. '17

MIT: The Snowsical by Erick P. '17

The blizzard of February 13th

When I woke up this morning, I checked my Facebook (as any good social media addict does) and found these pictures my family posted of around our house in New Jersey:

NJ Snow   NJ Snow

Oh boy, it looks real bad in NJ.  The blizzard is coming up and hitting the Northeast real hard (Déjà vu).  It’s a good thing MIT isn’t in the Northea…oh wait…





MIT The Snowsical


an original musical by Erick ’17



Lobby 7
♫Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is the street I cross everyday.
The cars slush and turn all the white snow to gray.♪

Chemistry Building
♫Ralph Landau looks like a Star Destroyer,
while the Green Building teaches future employers.♪

MIT Medical
♫MIT Medical, who helps us when we’re sick,
Is covered in snow, but only a few inches thick.♪

MIT List Visual Arts Center
♫Media Labbbb, oh Media Lab
errhhhhh…’s fab?♪

♫A snow plow plowing makes it easier for me
to get to my class which starts at three.♪ (Thank you MIT faculty that plow the snow for us!)

Stata field
♫Uhhhh walkway, walkway, and a red thing…
its uhhh, getting harder and harder to sing.♪

Red statue
♫Close up of the red thing in front of a building that’s orange,
Oh how I ….no wait NOTHING RHYMES WITH ORANGE :'( ♪

Stata center
♫This is getting harder than I thought..
What do you think, Stata, should I give it another shot?♪

Killian Court
♫Underneath the Dome is where I stand,
looking far offinto a winter wonderland.♪

MIT Dome
♫And here’s your typical pic of the Dome.
Still can’t believe I can call it my home.♪

♫Kresge, Kresge, where people love to dance.
ssssss..hmmm, ance, ance, uh..uhh…..pants -_- ♪

♫Uhhh…uhh..I’m out of rhymes again, oh no!
This seemed like a good idea twelve pics ago.♪

Baseball field
♫This field is the last stop before I must go
I have three Psets and a quiz tomorrow!♫


*curtain close*