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MIT staff blogger Kim Hunter '86

MIT Admitted Student Spring Meetings… by Kim Hunter '86

...the event when I decided MIT was for me.

Okay, I admit it! I decided to come to MIT without the benefit of an awesome CPW weekend. In fact, CPW didn’t even exist…What did exist however, was a meeting held in the home of an alumni volunteer named George Keller ’48. He lived in the Bay Area, was chairman of Chevron Oil at the time and had a beautiful garden. But the most exciting thing about being in his garden on that Saturday afternoon in March was the fact that other admitted students, some current students, several Educational Councilors and a great group of alums were there ready and willing to answer all the questions my mother and I had about MIT. It was an afternoon well spent.

I am thrilled to say that even though we do now have CPW, in fact we’re preparing for it on campus already, there is still the opportunity for many of you to attend spring meetings hosted by ECs and alumni clubs around the world. At last count there are nearly 60 of them, ranging from Hartford to Hong Kong, Seattle to Singapore. Most meetings will be scheduled over MIT’s spring break to allow current students to be on hand but some may fall into April as well.

Here’s just a small sampling of what is in store:


San Francisco/Bay Area meeting in the home of RC Walt Price ’71.


The Raleigh, NC meeting will be hosted by RC Al Tice ’67


MIT President Susan Hockfield will be the guest at the MIT Club of Greece event.


The MIT Club of New Hampshire will have a dinner with Dr. David Gray who’ll be talking about solar energy developments.


MIT Club of France welcomes MIT President Susan Hockfield.


Both Cleveland, OH and Columbus, OH are having their spring meetings.


The Orange County meeting will be in the home of RC Joanna Tan ’74


Westchester County, NY and Basking, NJ and Washington, DC are all having meetings.

For a complete list of all the events, admitted students should log on to their account and RSVP as indicated. I hope you and your parents will attend!

I learned a lot at the spring meeting I attended and had a great chance to get to know a few of my future classmates. Talking with the alums and current students was a huge help in deciding whether to stay in California for college or head east to Cambridge. Fortunately, over the years I even had a chance to say thanks to a couple of those I met and have never regretted spending that afternoon in Mr. Keller’s backyard.

7 responses to “MIT Admitted Student Spring Meetings…”

  1. ~A says:

    1st …. Yaaaayyyy!!

  2. Anon says:

    Friday Friday Friday Fridayfridayfriday :D

  3. parent '12 says:

    This is also a great opportunity for admitted students’ parents to meet current students’ parents and ask questions about MIT. If you live anywhere near an admitted student meeting, you should really try to attend! Lots of good information, fun, and excitement!

  4. D says:

    This is exactly why I love MIT. Too bad there is no gathering in my area. Even worse, I can’t make it for CPW…But I’m still really, really excited that I got in. At first, I was euphoric, I think, but it’s beginning to sink in now.

  5. Fail'14 says:

    I have never wanted to be an admitted student so badly.. that looks SO FUN


  6. Zeki not 14 says:

    I’m jealous of everyone in and around MIT now…Allah help me forget!Reading these blogs everyday!!!

    Have nice meetings with lucky kids smile

    recaptcha:superficial harkened smile

  7. Anonymous says:

    I assume there’s nothing for the students who have been put on the waitlist?