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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

MIT Dorms: Baker House by Bryan

A tour of Baker House.

Disclaimer: I don’t actually live in Baker, but way back in 2003, I was a proud resident. All freshmen have to live on campus, but after freshman year, I moved into my fraternity, ZBT (entry about ZBT tomorrow).

This entry is being co-sponsored by Diana, ’07, a physicist who moonlights as a rockstar.

And now to our regularly scheduled program:

Bryan: hey, so get this, i was walking down mem drive today
Bryan: and out of nowhere
Bryan: a piano fell out of the sky

Diana: HAHA
Bryan: do you know anything about that?
Diana: definitely…it was a smash! ;)
Diana: in the 80s i think, they used to throw a piano off the roof like every year
Diana: they’d throw it onto amhearst alley
Diana: then they moved the street
Diana: and when we tried hurling the piano to the new street location, they said we couldn’t do that
Diana: last year a couple good friends of mine got it all started again and threw one off the memorial drive side
Diana: and this year the tradition continued by throwing a piano onto a model of the caltech cannon
Bryan: how do you get work done with pianos falling off the roof? i mean isn’t that noisy?
Diana: haha
Diana: nah, that’s just on drop date
Diana: as much as baker is a social place, we’re all still nerds here who need our study time
Diana: every floor has three lounges with couches, tables, and whiteboards to work at

Diana: it’s a really nice place to work
Diana: and in the basement, there’s a soundproof study area that’s super quiet so you don’t have to trek out to the library
Diana: as i’m sure you remember from freshman year :)
Bryan: the memories!
Bryan: do you remember mbpp?

Diana: that night was awesome
Diana: three bands all in baker dining, rock club atmosphere, and my favorite….our rockstar picture!
Bryan: i think i heard piebald on the radio yesterday
Diana: yup…i saw their new cd at best buy. it was cool knowing i’d partied with rockstars
Diana: there’s definitely more than rocking parites here though…did you know i’m athletic chair again?
Bryan: oh really, congrats! is there a volleyball team? i could use some physical activity.
Diana: definitely…game tonight at 9:30
Diana: i think baker has about 5 or 6 im sports going on every season
Diana: it’s a great study break and a chance to meet new people
Bryan: i think one of the things i appreciated most about baker was the fact that seniors actually HUNG out with freshman
Bryan: i was kind of afraid
Diana: me too=
Diana: there are quads, doubles, singles, and triples on every floor

(These are actually pictures of my quad from way back when…sorry I took the photos with a camera phone)

Diana: and all grades on every floor too
Diana: it was really nice freshman year to be able to find upperclassmen who didn’t mind helping me with a question on a pset
Bryan: i remember those bio psets where we’d google the answers or die trying
Diana: hahaha
Diana: OH
Diana: we should tell them about baker d
Diana: aka baker dining
Bryan: ooh
Bryan: did you get stir fry tonight?
Diana: nope, tonight they had tuna melts…my favorite :)
Diana: it’s changed since you lived here…they’re open every day now for dinner
Bryan: lucky, i used to really like the stir fry
Bryan: if the options were lame
Bryan: i never had a reason to be disappointed since i could pick my own combo
Diana: yup…the food’s so much better than my high school cafeteria
Bryan: in high school, my lunch consisted of a honey bun and a slice of pizza
Bryan: it got a little boring
Diana: not quite home cooking
Diana: i like when we all went down to the country kitchen and cooked ourselves dinner
Diana: your chicken cordon-bleu is delicious
Bryan: why thank you, do you remember our 4th of july cake?

Diana: ah! i’d forgotten!
Diana: 4th of july in boston was a ton of fun
Diana: and the roof deck was the perfect view
Bryan: that’s one of baker’s best assets

Diana: yup
Diana: i can’t wait to meet all the new…uhh…what are we calling them?
Bryan: i hear they want to be called mittens?
Diana: <—confused
Bryan: i agree, they’ve got a lot of work to do on their name
Bryan: not quite hot as 007
Diana: never :-D
Diana: alright…i think i’m going to sign off
Diana: see you at the nightclub tomorrow?
Bryan: dude, glow sticks!!!! i’m so there
Diana: see you there, rockstar. B)
Bryan: rock on

Some Baker Facts:
# floors: 6
Types of Rooms: Singles, Doubles, Triples, Quads
Kitchen: Yes, one in the basement
Dining Hall: Yep!
Workout Room: Yes!

7 responses to “MIT Dorms: Baker House”

  1. Evan says:

    Just for the record, not all of us like “mittens.” I, for one, think it’s one of the dumber things I’ve heard.

  2. Bryan says:

    By no way does this blog officially endorse any nickname for the class of 2010. =P

    – the management

  3. Adam says:

    Funny, I heard that we were being called the Tenors. And I thought that was bad enough.

  4. nehalita says:

    Mittens? I’m only okay with it if i actually get free mittens? Otherwise the nickname’s off.

  5. Zach says:

    yeah, no mittens Please!

  6. All this talk about mittens and I don’t think anyone’s mentioned how awesome Baker sounds smile

    Nice entry, Bryan.

    no whammy wink

  7. misty says:

    so i’m an old bakerite and just for the record, we used to throw a lot of crap off the roof.

    we did toss a piano onto an old car sometime between 97-01(can’t remember the exact year)…

    the tradition appears to rear its head from time to time… keep it up and make sure the young’uns don’t forget! smile