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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

MITE2S, RSI, and more by Matt McGann '00

Today, I’m in northern Virginia, assisting with the selection for the 2005 Research Science Institute (RSI). I arrived here late last evening after a day of reviewing applications to MITE2S. As an admissions officer, I enjoy working to provide a group of young people with educational opportunities. It is always interesting to read your stories, to learn more about you and your lives.

Because I do not work for the CEE or for MITE2S, I can’t talk too much about the selection process or answer any questions about it. But I can assure those of you who applied to these programs that your applications are being treated thoughtfully. Also, know that not being admitted to one of these programs does not mean that you won’t be admitted to MIT — both programs admit only a small number of students, while MIT aims for a freshman class of nearly 1000 students each year (in other words, even if you’re not admitted, I still hope you’ll apply next year, as many of you are really awesome!). Conversely, being admitted to one of these programs does not mean you will necessarily be admitted to MIT.

My travels frequently mean missing cool events at MIT, and this trip is no different. Last night, I missed the lastest from MIT’s Nobel Laureate Lecture Series, this time with MIT’s own Prof. Frank Wilczek. And tonight, I’m missing a lecture I was even more excited about with architect Santiago Calatrava, whose work I think is really cool. I just got a phone call from some folks who are there, and apparently the line stretched nearly half the length of the Infinite Corridor (does this mean the line was infinitely long?), and the room is packed full.

I’ll be back in the office tomorrow, assisting with the last parts of our process before decisions are made final and mailed out on Friday!

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