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DesigNerds: Product Design TV

So after getting a few questions and comments about DesigNerds, I decided to email the grad student behind the project, Barry Kudrowitz.

From: Barry
To: Bryan

“that’s great that students are interested in it! we are actually in the process of pitching the concept to the discovery channel.”

cool, eh?

There’s no website yet for the project, but you can check out an article about it in the GSN (Graduate Student Newsletter) here. Look at the last page of the pdf.

Soon, they will be posting the pilot of the show on the 2.009 webpage, a class where Barry was the TA.

Side-note about 2.009:
In this class, they helped out the Mythbusters test out the Archimedes Death Ray myth. For more on that, you can look here, or if you’re not doing anything Wednesday night, you can watch the episode on the Discovery Channel.

Barry also teaches a class on toy design in the spring, SP.778.

Melis asked where I found out about DesigNerds. Strangely enough, I was walking down the Infinite on my way to study for one of my finals when I saw some of the people involved with the project advertising the pilot in 6-120, so I decided I could afford an hour long study break, so I went to check it out.

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