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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Multi-Day Weekend at MIT by Matt McGann '00

Now that CPW is over, things are a little less hectic around the office. Mostly, we’re catching up on work, answering individual questions from admitted students (do you have any? Leave them in the comments; Questions Omnibus soon) while at the same time, beginng to work with — gasp! — the applicant Class of 2010. As for me, I spent a good part of today preparing for upcoming travels, including some college fairs I’ll be attending as well as the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Phoenix next month (more on that to come).

This weekend is a four day weekend for MIT students (but only a three day weekend for staff) thanks to a rather obscure Massachusetts holiday called Patriots Day. The Patriots Day festivities include the Boston Marathon as well as a very early Red Sox game (first pitch: 11:05am). The idea is to have the crowd from Fenway Park exit the stadium just in time to watch the lead runners come through Kenmore Square, though it doesn’t always work out that way. A better option for Marathon-watching is the legendary party hosted by MIT’s Phi Sigma Kappa, co-sponsored by the local alternative rock radio station (WBCN) and national brands like Gatorade. The runners (including the MIT runners!) go right by the Phi Sig house. It’s really pretty cool.

I need to put in a plug for two other events this weekend. First, MIT’s South Asian Culture Show, always a great and huge event, a great place to check out traditional Indian dance like Kathak, Kuchipudi, and Bharatanatyam, modern Filmi dance and song, classical Indian music, and Bhangra. Also, the Musical Theater Guild production of Stephen Sondheim’s Company closes tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I have to work in the morning, as I get to present to MIT’s SEED Academy. Afterwards, it’s off to the suburbs for an Admissions Office potluck and grill. Should be fun! Finally, I’ll be off to Maine for a relaxing rest of the three day weekend. Mmm… lobster =)

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