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MIT staff blogger Kris Guay

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Good news!  You can now log onto MyMIT to access the application for freshman admission to MIT.

Many of you may have received a shiny silver packet in the mail recently. This is our official MIT Application Guide to help you when you start to fill out our application. If you haven’t received one, we will be sending out more this month, so check your mailbox.

Once you register on MyMIT, you will be ready to begin the application process and it’s not too early to start. You’ll want to do a few things right away: schedule your interview and give your teachers the personalized teacher recommendation forms.

In your packet, and on your MyMIT site, you will find the contact information for your MIT interviewer, or Educational Counselor (EC). You should contact your EC as soon as you are ready to schedule the interview, but well before the application deadline. Remember, if you are applying for the November 1 Early Action (EA) deadline, you should set up your interview before October 20th. If you are applying for the January 1 Regular Action (RA) deadline, you should set up your interview before December 10th.

From MyMIT, you should print out personalized teacher recommendation forms. Teachers may use their own forms and format, but please include the personalized teacher recommendation form with each recommendation letter.

Also note that MIT is not a member of the Common Application. MIT has its own application, which is only available at MyMIT.

But most importantly, remember to take a deep breath. You have plenty of time to do this and I think you’ll find the process isn’t so bad once you get started. You may even have fun and learn something new about yourself. We’ll be in touch over the coming weeks with more tips and advice.

I’m looking forward to seeing some of you when I’m in Florida later this month and I’m looking forward to reading your applications!