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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

New stuff on MyMIT, and more by Matt McGann '00

I’m back in Boston now after two trips to Washington, DC in the past week and a half. As always, my recent trip meant missing some cool events at MIT, including the Latke versus Hamentashen Debate [editorial comment: where’s the debate? Latkes are clearly superior!] and another Nobel lecture, this time by Wolfgang Ketterle (though I had him for freshman physics, so I got to hear him speak 3x/week).

Admitted students, log into your MyMIT portal, where you’ll find the Class of 2009 guestbook directory (post your picture!), a list of local admitted student meetings (some as early as tomorrow!), and information about Campus Preview Weekend. And even more information is heading your way, as Daniel has announced that financial aid letters will be mailed today to those students who completed their financial aid applications before March 11. If you haven’t yet completed your financial aid application, do so as soon as possible!

Over the weekend, I hope to answer the backlog of questions, talk a bit about the waitlist, and more. Again, congratulations to the Class of 2009!

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