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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Normalville by Matt McGann '00

Congratulations to the Random Hall dormitory team (“Physical Plant”) for winning this year’s Mystery Hunt! I really enjoyed the hunt, and our team did better than we ever had before (yay!). Here are some puzzles you might enjoy doing at lunch tomorrow with your friends:

The Hunt kicks off in MIT’s Lobby 7 at 12 noon, the Friday before Martin Luther King Day, every IAP. A bit before noon, a large crowd began to gather…


This year, we gathered not only for a kickoff speech (announcing the theme: “Normalville”), but also for a giant kickoff puzzle! Construction paper “meteorites” rained down from above, containing a message…


Back at team “Lost in Space Waffle” headquarters, we came together to start solving the puzzles


We had a wall full of unsolved puzzles to work through.


Of course, we also solved many puzzles (my quickest solve: Take Me Out).


Our “map” of Normalville kept the team up-to-date on our progress.


You might be wondering, what does Random Hall, the winning team, receive for their victory? The honor and privilege of writing Mystery Hunt 2006. I hope to see you there!

Coming in the next few days: a post about public vs. private high schools, a response to Daniel‘s latest post, and answering some of your questions.

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