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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

nth Annual Concert in Bad Taste by Bryan

We are the mooninites..

What happens when you pack hundreds of students armed with paper airplanes and toilet paper into a lecture hall?

Well, it starts with one airplane. Then maybe two.

Then sooner or later, people forego folding the paper airplanes and just start throwing paper into the air and catapulting toilet paper across 10-250.

Why in the world would someone do such a thing?

Well, that’s a good question.

Each year, the MIT Chorollaries host the nth annual concert in Bad Taste.

Basically, they make fun of everything under the sun from the past year, and I bet if you Google hard enough, you can find a list of the topics that they made fun of (all in jest, of course).

On top of arranging their own renditions of famous artists songs such as Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten,” at this concert, they replaced the lyrics with their own. My favorite would have to be the song dedicated to Facebook, which is probably the reasons I get less sleep than I should.

And since I think pictures are worth a thousand words, here are a few from the concert and the pre-festivities:

(Pictures coming soon)

55 responses to “nth Annual Concert in Bad Taste”

  1. Saman says:

    Bryan, if you have videos, also blog them, too.
    This concert must have been a lof of fun for students.

  2. bhushan says:

    plz accept me so that i can hav these type (MIT type) fun

  3. Anonymous says:

    a simple n quick question
    r there Hot girls in MIT

  4. Gormonono says:

    Hi, do you know where I can buy a High School 12th grade book in “mathemathics” – or “calculus” so I can prepare for the SAT lvl 2 Subject Test?

  5. fsfgfhsfh says:

    amazon? also anonymous, even if there were hot girls at mit, its boston/cambridge (with 200 other colleges) that probably import way too many other guys that hot girls will probably prefer; so i suspect the answer to your question is yes, but it wouldnt matter either way

  6. Anonymous says:


    there is not much calculus on the math2 subject test. instead of a textbook, i would recommend a kaplan review book specifically for the test, which you can find on amazon if you search for math subject test or something. it will not only show you the material that you need, but also give you a lot of practice problems specifically like those you will find on the test.

    but if you really want a textbook, then yes, still go with amazon, like whoever with the un-spell-able name above me said.

  7. Chessy says:

    “its boston/cambridge (with 200 other colleges)”

    Wow, must have some amazing night life if there are that many students in the area smile

  8. Chandresh says:

    A story of foolishness:

    I took the SAT MathII two years ago in October and got just 790 [I think population performance was horrid that year]. It that bad? Yeah, I read some stuff on the test structure over the summer, but didn’t bother about it after that.

    What does [did] MIT look at in analyzing the test scores? Are they just numbers?

  9. hmmp I have quite a large squadron of paper airplanes at home, 85 different prototypes, but they are “rusting” without practice!!

  10. Anonymous1 says:

    oh………. u mean u r hot i too i wud lik to date u
    i m sure of getting into MIT
    apart here my friends do not show em thier gf coz they fear they will lose her

    b/w i asked that question coz i saw som bikini photo of MIT girls they were not HOT!!!

  11. Dear All

    Beauty is in the beholder’s* eyes, so is hotness!
    It’s actually about what/who you think is hot!
    Someone who may be hot for one, may be just “ummm…..ok” for other. Why? because as I said hotness is also in beholder’s* eye!

    *sorry for using archaic English

  12. AT says:

    for moi hot-ness iz :-

    x 24 36
    where x >=36 wink

  13. anonymous says:

    790 on an sat2 isn’t bad! anyone who thinks it is bad is being rediculous. I love math and i only got a 740…which is STILL GOOD…not as good as a 790, but i’m still slightly proud

  14. Hopeful says:

    Gormonono……. personally I would suggest Barrons because I got an amazing score by relying on it. I also studied Kaplaan but I thought Barrons was more useful. Its tougher but once you’ve studied it thoroughly, the test questions are bound to look familiar to you. Just a personal opinion though…….

  15. Hopeful says:

    By the way…… I hope there are hot guys in MIT too AND…. I hope I’ll get accepted :D

  16. Josh V says:


    “anonymous, even if there were hot girls at mit, its boston/cambridge (with 200 other colleges) that probably import way too many other guys that hot girls will probably prefer; so i suspect the answer to your question is yes, but it wouldnt matter either way”

    OOOH HARSH! hahaha. lmfao.

  17. Right you are !
    Hotness ->

    x 20 36
    where x >=36

    I will add another point … Long dark hair, crossing the hips.. perhaps crossing even knees.

  18. Chandresh says:

    I’m not eager for distractions, but cute things of any type [like people, proofs and porcelain] make very good scenery, like flowers, numbers and Freemasonic symbols. If I’m admitted, I want to work harder than other people [not as an absolute, but as gist]. I think applicants would have demonstrated an aptitude for work in the app’s – so we should, at least, keep it up when we reach there. Whether or not there are attractive organisms on campus isn’t important.

    Oh, I just realized you were probably just joking. But I’ve written the post so I’ll post it.

    BTW what is x y z ? [(x,y,z) є N^3] ?

  19. Chandresh says:

    This may seem irrelevant, but it concerns fun…

    Are KUPO NUTS Available In The Real World?
    How do they taste?

  20. Elizabeth says:

    ouch. “even if there were hot girls at MIT.” So apparently noone smart can be hot? You’ve crushed my life-long goal…

  21. Maia says:

    As my calculus teacher said about engineering schools, for girls,
    “The odds are good, but the goods are odd.”

  22. Maia says:

    Also, Chandresh, I think x 24 36 is referring to measurements.

  23. Chandresh
    I think you’re unaware of MIT’s culture:

    Work hard play hard!
    I personally follow the : Work Hard , Play HARDER

    If you think that, having girlfriends, will distract you, then I say: Good ! Stick to it, if it works for you!

    For me it doesn’t work. At heart I am mathematician though, still, when I get frustrated because of some problem, it’s a nice long chat, with my girlfriend, that recharges the mathematician in me, rather that revitalizes me; having girlfriends, is 100% natural for any normal boy! And I am normal; but a high achiever also!

    If I and you get admitted to MIT, please stay away from hot gals, and poke your nose in some fat book; it’ll help to reduce competition-you know what kind of competition!

    I will also study, and rather perform very well and have a hot girlfriend also:)

    Algorithm to detect a hot girl :
    Observe a Gal
    Step 2
    In your mind draw the outline of her body
    Step 3
    If the function, depicting the outline, which will obviously be a curve, is a differentiable function, then move to step4 else start observing some other gal!
    Step 4
    observe the second derivative of the function representing the curve-this will give you the gradient of tangent drawn to the curve depicting the gal’s body move to step 5
    Step 5
    If you are a boy, you should know, which values must the gradient of the tangent drawn to the curve have, in which places of her body
    Step 6
    If you are boy, by now you know whether the gal is hot or not!

    Actually once I get into MIT, in addition to the research I’ll also make a robot, which will dectect, hot girls for me using the aforementioned algorithm. The only additional thing I’ll have to do is fill some appropriate values in the robot’s computer, because the robot isn’t a boy!

  24. Dear Chandresh
    Kindly don’t use dumb euphemisms like
    attractive organisms for hot girls; by doing so you are disrespecting all the hot girls of the world.
    It just shows that you are so cold hearted, don’t you know girls work so hard, to look hot, if you can’t respect them and their hard work, at least don’t hurt them by calling them – ORGANISM

    I know all humans are organism, but don’t you know for humans, such words are too harsh. This isn’t a biology lecture; If you can’t appreciate the beauty of hot girls at least don’t disrespect them by calling them organisms!

    We are all grown up people please don’t sound like Dexter*

    *Dexter from Dexter’s Lab

  25. Chandresh says:

    I’m sorry for offending anyone; I’ll clear up my language.

    “Organisms” did not refer to girls – its direct reference was people, but I had deliberately used this word to extend that set. I’m actually a feminist – and I don’t use euphemisms [partly because I have trouble detecting them myself]. Also, I avoid sexed language when I can – and my statements, thought to be funny, were supposed to entertain all who read them. I didn’t know the word was harsh – I occasionally call myself a/an ___ organism as appropriate.

    And as for the whole first paragraph, I thought it was funny [I am aware of the MIT culture as explained in the blogs on this site]. Sorry.
    I’ll write clearer, but please don’t bother much about my terms; they weren’t meant to be taken seriously and my language is usually strange.

    For what it’s worth, QuriousQreature, please note this: my communication is a bit bad, but I still have to try.

    Grateful for your patience, Chandresh.

  26. Ashesh says:

    Wow… pretty much like high school fun!
    And facebook… hmmm…

  27. Anonymous says:

    elizabeth, your lifelong goal of being hot or of being smart?

  28. Elizabeth says:

    of course I meant that my lifelong goal is to be hot, considering I already am smart! lol

  29. dale says:

    Man, if these guys are a true representation of the applicant pool then I’m looking forward to Saturday.

  30. Karen says:

    One day, I’m going to get first post. And just to spite everyone, it’s going to be relevant to the entry…

    (and definitely more relevant than this comment smile

  31. The G says:

    One question; I live in a country were we have a total of three years in High School. I have full enrichment in math, physics and chemistry, but not biology. In fact, I only have some experience in biology from a subject named “natural sciences” during the first year at High School (a subject that includes the basics of physics, chemistry and biology).

    If I choose to take biology next year my schedule will most probably kill me (the other subjects I’ve got are very demanding). I have perfect scores in both math, chemistry and physics.

    Should I take biology? (Applying RA for the ’12 class).

  32. milena says:

    wait…smart girls can be hot! I mean, I think just being smart is hot. But yes, there are physicaly attractive girls at MIT, I’ve seen a few pictures. I’m just worried about the guys…. I hope they’re hot! lol

  33. Josh V says:


    don’t worry. i am. (and i’m kind of smart) hahaha. now to just get accepted…

  34. Zack says:

    Milena…have u already got into MIT? Im kinda new to the blogs…so thats why im asking.

    Decisions are sooo close! Im getting very nervous!

  35. kevinfromMA says:

    Dale, my thoughts *exactly*.

  36. Anonymous says:

    dale it depends on how u view that we r normal guys n can’t live wuthout HOT girls so we asked it n lets see who get in

    Baby i m waiting for reply

  37. Anthony Vila says:

    That sounds pretty fun Bryan. If I get accepted I’ll make sure to attend that.

  38. G says:

    Thanks for the help, really appreciate it!

  39. Anonymous says:

    why are people armed with paper airplanes and toilet paper in the first place? Might not a food fight be better?
    I don’t understand this ‘tradition’…heh.

    and…I don’t think the rejection letter will be big at all, unfortunately :(

  40. tom says:

    hi! i am very interested in MIT ,and i am eager to study there one day, so would you please send me an invitation form? Thanks in advance !

  41. AJ says:

    @Dale: Haha, I was just thinking that as I was going through these comments.

    btw – I’m looking forward to the big REJECTION letter I’m gonna get. Heh. I laugh but it’s true.

  42. kevinfromMA says:

    Invitation form? Hell, I’ll have one too! wink

    (Just playing along, no hard feelings)

  43. Josh V says:

    “Man, if these guys are a true representation of the applicant pool then I’m looking forward to Saturday.”

    wait…what does that mean? are you saying that we can’t be competitive if we concern ourselves with discussions like this?!? cuZ DaT HeLLa Ain’T TruE YO!. hahah. but seriously…just because this is the convo, doesn’t mean we’re not competitive. (not tryin to attack you, but i’m just sayin..)

    and yes, i can see myself getting rejectd too..but i’m hopeful!!!

  44. Josh V says:

    elizabeth and everyone else…

    all seattle (and surrouding areas) people are hot. hahah.

    but its true that we’re the fittest city!

  45. Saman says:

    Chaharshanbe Suri is one of the biggest Persian ceremonies which Iranian from all around the world celebrate it by making fire and jumping over it when they are singing an old verse. If you translate the verse into English, you get this meaning ” My redness comes from fire and fire’s yellowness comes from me [ which we consider that our skins are yellow ]. “. This ceremony is at the last Tuesday’s night of Persian year and this year is on March 13, 2007 (NIGHT = because you can observe a fire’s flame better ).

    Also Happy PI day. Does anyone celebrate one of these?

    Maybe you can find a group of Iranian near your home and join them in this big event or you can do it yourself. It should be easy to make a fire. Last year we didn’t have anybody and any wood so we had to jump over a candle.

  46. Anonymous says:

    are you the dale from Chip n Dale (disney cartoons)

  47. Anonymous says:

    where are those promised pictures?!!! don’t lie, Bryan!

  48. Ja Hyun Cho says:

    Glad to hear you’re ready, madman. And the name’s Ja Hyun.
    In the above post, I forgot to add (how could I?) that I just have to learn to celebrate pi day with a bunch of people who participate in annual concert in bad taste.

  49. Ja Hyun Cho says:

    I so wish that I can come to MIT this fall cuz’
    1)It is one of the most prestigious universities in the whole world,
    2)People here are unbelievably math-geeky and interesting,
    3)I would love to inquire ‘Madman who makes people fly’ after his girl friend every time I see him on campus (So hope you get in too, madman),
    4)I have to see for myself if Josh V. is as hot as he claims himself to be (So I wish he’d get good news this Saturday),
    5)I seriously want to see QuriousQreature’s robot if he gets in and constructs one. (Unfortunately, I’m not very hopeful that the robot will want to see me if it can really work out which girls are hot and which aren’t.)
    6)There are about 1000+ interesting people who I feel I know although I have never met them, and I wanna meet them all.
    So good luck to you all! (And double good luck for me!)

  50. Jess says:

    hahaha; asl’s…
    what a blast from the past.