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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Odds & ends by Matt McGann '00

Odds & ends…

December 9, 9pm

MIT Intramural C League Ice Hockey

Aero/Astro 6

MIT Alumni Club of Boston 1

Alumni goal: David Kravitz

For all you anime fans, a Boston Globe article about the Anime Club (tonight’s showings apparently include Gankutsuou 2-3 and Paranoia Agent 1-2, though my anime knowledge only goes as far as Miyazaki).

Kevin has some nice photos in his latest post of the final class of 3.091: Introduction to Solid State Chemistry. Professor Don Sadoway, arguably the best and most popular teacher at MIT, always wears a tuxedo to his final 3.091 lecture and always concludes with a discussion of the chemistry of Champagne. The class is officially over when he drinks the Champagne (well, except for the final exam, to which he wears a tux with tails).

And, as always, I hope you also continue to check out Mitra’s blog, which gives a great look into the life of an MIT student. She always goes to all of the coolest things happening around campus and then shares them with all of us. Plus, Mitra is one of the awesomest people ever.

More news soon…

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