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Open Forum for those Not Admitted by Admin

With a record number of applications, this year was once again the most competitive ever for MIT admissions. Admitting less than 1 in 10 applicants from our amazing applicant pool means that we had to turn away many, many, many incredible students. For those of you who fall into this category, this is an open forum for you to talk.

100 responses to “Open Forum for those Not Admitted”

  1. Paul Troupe says:

    I’ve been denied. oh well, that’s life. there’s gotta be a reason i’m not going MIT

  2. anshul says:

    oh well

    good luck at other places, everyone.

  3. manis404 says:

    Officially rejected. ^.^

  4. Anonymous says:

    dont worry this place sucks anyway

  5. kenny says:

    rejected :( Oh whell, I tried my best. NOW TO LOOK TO THE FUTURE! (woot!)

  6. Anonymous says:

    rejected.. will take it in my stride and move on..

    captcha: direction eyesight

  7. Kaylee says:

    ah, well.
    I did get caltech though :p

  8. After seven months of slaving over an application, stressing over interviews, writing the SAT twice for the only american school I was applying to, its all over in a few seconds…
    I’m going to be more successful then ANYONE you admitted this year. And then you will be sorry.

  9. tree says:

    Put me in the group. Yay! Now, soemone made the decision I hated to make..
    So, my fellow rejectees, remember IHTFP, from the current students.

  10. andJarodsaid says:

    this really sucks :(

  11. tsndimino says:

    *sigh* well, only thing to do now is get better and try again next year. Good luck to everyone in the same boat as me!

  12. Sreyan says:

    Fare The Well MIT. its been a nice journey. sorry i have to leave so soon. smile

    I’ll be back soon. smile

  13. noo says:

    Rejected… I knew that

  14. Sam says:

    Rejected! Can’t say I’m surprised. But you know, I freaking tried. That’s what applying for me was really about. I put myself out there, and I took a risk. But jeez, imagine how much fun that would have been! To be honest, I actually had fun with the application process. The actual app wasn’t that bad and I had a great time with my interviewer. RIT, here I come! Allons-y!

  15. Anonymous says:

    I came here from Israel and worked day and night, and this is what happens. Ugh.

  16. Rachel says:

    Rejected! Oh well, guess I’ll be at Florida Tech this fall.

    Go panthers!


  17. anon says:

    eh. stuff happens.

  18. Fenfen says:

    Denied admission. Ah, well, easy come, easy go. Next attempted conquest: Harvey Mudd!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Haha, thanks Vladimir. I needed that.

  20. Jazzy says:

    Well, the driving force of my life and dream school are now gone. Sort of a kick in the face that my best chance is now to get in on the waitlist at Caltech (where I’, not all that excited about going). But life will go on, once I let go…

  21. Officially rejected.
    Oh well. I may be sad now but I won’t remember this day when I become more successful than anyone else in MIT Class of ’14.

  22. André says:

    Oh, well, dissapointing to say the least, but gotta move on right.

    I will be back to postgraduate though xD, and if I am not accepted to any of the schools I applied to, I will try again MIT.

  23. --- says:

    Sigh… first rejection ever…

  24. starfather says:

    plan for3/14
    1. see decisions
    2. write sth in blog
    3. Go hanging

  25. haha….not a surprise!!

    All of the people who have or are gonna berate MIT for not accepting ’em! Do as much as you want but don’t say that this place wasn’t worth it or wasn’t good enough!!Coz you applied to MIT thinking it was good enough!!

    I am gonna get over this and shine again….God please don’t ever do this to me again!!!

    Worst day of my life!! :|

  26. Farhan says:

    Well… it’s been so so hard to even apply… coming from a small town in another country.. and i did all that i could.. i really left no stone unturned… but well there goes the future.. just like that.. vanishes in a wisp of smoke.. and now i have nowhere to go to..

  27. parav says:

    Oh well… Thank you MIT for the wonderful journey. I guess you are right, I might be happy elsewhere and the odds were against me anyway(I’m an international).

  28. Anonymous says:

    M gonna apply again n again n again until i get in. Worst day of my life 2.

  29. Thanks for the chance to dream.

    Grad school maybe?

  30. Anonymous says:

    My feelings exactly

  31. Evan says:

    Don’t worry MIT, I still love you. Even though now I have to love you from good ol’ Atlanta..


  32. Adwitiya says:

    Not going to MIT. Im sad.. Best Wishes for admitted students.

  33. Brian says:

    I’m from Peru and I’m a little disappointed, too. I don’t know if I can apply as freshman next year or as a transfer student. Waiting for other admission decisions as well. Hope is the last thing to lose smile

  34. [x] says:

    It’s like you’ve been punched in the stomach.

    Just seeing that “sorry” on the page.

    Not going to say “it’s not worth it” b/c I’d be jumping off the sofa screaming if I had gotten in, but…

  35. Woohoo says:

    I’m not concerned, it’s your loss MIT raspberry

  36. Ali says:


    I still enjoyed applying to this school though.
    Time to move ahead.

  37. Tim says:

    It’s just cruel to do this on a day of universal joy and love for science!! =(

  38. S.. says:

    hey… Has princeton relesed its decisions?

  39. Aditya Kumar says:

    Why the am i not accepted in MIT….I got 2350 SAT 1 what the hell is wrong with MIT…..Now I would rahter prefer Mughalpur institiute of technology in rajhisthan…..

  40. Allen NO'14 says:

    Even though I was rejected, I gotta admit it is still cool school. I really don’t know what to do now.

  41. LOLO says:


  42. L says:

    I was so happy 5 mins ago because I was very curious, it seemed like flames were shooting out within inside of me. Now I am very disappointed. It all happened too fast… Too fast to realize and sort everything… I know that this is a temporary feeling and I will feel great in a week or so, but still… Thank you MIT for reviewing my application. You are truly a great school and hopefully I will visit you and smile at what I have missed…

  43. Kumar says:

    I got accepted but i dont go MIT i go to Indian institue of technology thats much better………. In ur face losers rejected BOYS

  44. Hamid Mir says:

    I am reporting this to GEO. Unfair rejections. Sorry to say but MIT is bad bad

  45. anonymus says:

    Rejected,, but i am sure GOd say it was not time yet..

  46. Anurag !14 says:

    Ah rejected. I would be lying if I said I didn’t expect it. But it still is hard when six years of dreaming comes to an end. So much for my happy ending. :(

    Good luck to everybody.

  47. Rachel says:

    So many angry people…man.

    So…? What’s everyone’s second choice?

    ReCaptcha: more smarter…lol!

  48. Anonymous says:

    ! rachel….cheers me 2. lol Florida Tech.

  49. Quoting Bianca…

    “Officially rejected.
    Oh well. I may be sad now but I won’t remember this day when I become more successful than anyone else in MIT Class of ’14.”

    Oh, wait, I’m NOT sad and will still be more successful than anyone else in the Class of ’14.

    Hello, freedom :D

  50. Kumar says:

    i prayed to my cow and she listened I GOT IN smile
    My cow bowed and hit me which means good luck for HINDUS

  51. I know everyone is feeling disappointed, but please keep things civil so I don’t have to nuke your post.

  52. chris says:

    Yo i was rejected a year ago and was crushed but two weeks later I got into Princeton and couldn’t be happier now!

  53. darxsys says:

    i don’t deserve to get in so it’s ok.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Who needs MIT when you have community college?

  55. maalun says:

    sad i didnt get in. ill try again next year.. smile

  56. Didn’t make it, I’m disappointed but at peace with it. Thanks for taking time to consider me anyways, MIT, it was fun. Didn’t make it, I’m disappointed but at peace with it. Thanks for taking time to consider me anyways, MIT, it was fun. <3

  57. ME says:

    a dream dat ended!!…

  58. maalun says:

    Kierra.. it was fun? are you kidding me?

  59. maalun says:

    Kierra u wanna go out sometime? smile

  60. NARZAB says:

    How can they possibly judge us based on a few written paragraphs… REBEL!!!

  61. maalun says:


  62. Anonymous says:

    4 years down the drain. I dont feel so good. bring on the ice cream. best of luck everyone

  63. ali says:

    rejected…..but no worries……….will try again next time……….NO HARD FEELINGS FOR MIT….
    @KUmar please……have some manners….
    learn from us pakistanis…

  64. maalun says:


  65. tom says:

    Are you kidding me…if you are a white male you had absolutely no chance…reverse racism is great. Ha

  66. SamY says:

    Thank you, MIT, for considering me anyway. There’s probably a reason for my denial which I can’t see yet but will become apparent later.

    Do realize, everyone, that you’ve fought in one of the hardest admissions years yet.

    So it goes,

  67. maalun says:

    samy are u a girl? will you go out with me? smile

  68. starfather says:

    Istanbul Teknik Universitesi is at the helm!!!

  69. Kumar says:

    East or West indian onstitue of Tecnology is the best……… :D

  70. Thanks for not accepting me. I just received news from three honors colleges that I’ve been accepted, and they’re all offering me $136,000 for four years. So I say, in your face! I don’t need an MIT education to succeed. Besides, one of those colleges is near D.C. Where I want to be if I want to work for the government. I’m going to be more successful than the MIT class of 2014. May not hear about me though, but I’ll be protecting you while you sleep. ^_^

  71. maalun says: frm India. how about we hit the bed straight wud save us money and all the hassle!

  72. I have given it my all and gotten rejected. Toilet paper is my only solace now. Stuff that s**t in my face and nibble it all up =)

  73. Keshav says:

    I’m an international student, had every hope and so many projects for M.I.T, and I know I would have contributed so well in every aspect, not just academically. If the admission committee know our applications so well, I would really appreciate if they could just write a few lines about why we weren’t admitted in the rejection letter. Wouldn’t cost much, they’d just had to write a little note before they throw the file in the “not admitted’ pile.

    Anyway, I spent a hell of a time for these applications, I dreamed, I had mixed feelings, I was hopeless and hopeful, I wanted to make my family proud…for those admitted, be happy with your decision, it’s a lifetime chance for you, don’t keep saying u hate MIT; thousands would have liked to be admitted like you. But if you still hate M.I.T so much, then it puts me in great doubt of the admissions committee; they’ve actually admitted people who hate and do not want to attend M.I.T and rejected thousands who love MIT and would do anything to attend. Food for thought there…admissions committee, thank you for all. But you are humans, and you do make mistakes. I think next time in the applications for the future, add a question saying: “Do you really want to attend M.I.T?” lol…anyway would be great if you could remove those who are admitted but who hate M.I.T and give their place to students who actually want to attend.

    My best of luck and hope to all those rejected like me. It was my lifetime dream, I could see myself there. But now, I just have to move on, my parents will be disappointed and I’ll have to face the look in their eyes.

  74. Anonymous says:

    maalun sure my place

    tomorrow 9 pm
    18 Ragni apartments,
    24 Kumaran Road,

  75. maalun says:

    ill come tomorrow ok? stay naked till i get there.

  76. Krishna says:

    Anonymous is me Krishna BTW


    Ha, just kidding, love you guys. See you in four years for grad school, or possibly a transfer.

    I hope you realize, though, that I might actually go to Caltech now. This is all your fault, MIT smile

  78. darxsys says:


    I completely agree with that. I mean, there are people who are thinking twice, but are accepted. come on. but okay. they’ll be sorry :D

  79. Rehan says:

    It has been a great journey and perhaps the right decision considering the admit rate for internationals was only 3%

    But I got to go to another university and prove my worth. See you MIT for graduates, maybe.
    I am just another rejected applicant from Pakistan.

    Anyone accepted from Pakistan? Let me know, i’m just curious. A lot of my friends who had just about everything got rejected.

  80. Lauren says:


    I guess there must be some reason MIT didn’t like me.

    …and to everyone who’s so angry, calm down, this isn’t the end of the world. We’ll all be successful. And best wishes to those accepted.

  81. Ammar'14 says:

    No hard feelings, See you in 4 years MIT ^_^

  82. Gorilla munchies. Thats what i have now. MIT is the worst for rejecting me, its not like ive been more inventive than anyone who was accepted or anything

  83. faith says:

    firstly, maalun have some manners and stop bringing india’s name down.your a disgrace to indians.

    mit will definitely regret this reject someday when i show them what they lost out on!
    your loss mit…im sorry to inform you, mit that you have lost out on one of your best applicants.
    all the struggle for 5 months to apply here has gone waste.
    but i will admit, it is a place i really wanted.

  84. Chandra says:

    Rejected.. oh well..

    Goodluck everyone with everything else..
    and congratulations to those who got in! woooh! enjoy yourselves!!

  85. maalun says:

    faith.. Im an idian and I have the balls to admit what’s true! ok. It’s because im an indian that i din’t get in! otherwise i would have no matter wat! -_-

  86. Dave says:

    Caltech, here I come!

  87. Judging from a few of the comments here, MIT is much better off without some of these people who were rejected, if their first reaction is obscenity and pure nonsense.

    I’m personally fine with not getting in. I still have excellent options and I hold nothing against MIT or the admissions officers. Good luck to all, and don’t take it too hard.

  88. Anonymous says:

    there’s always grad school…

  89. @ maalun

    Pride is fine, but keep it PG-13

  90. liangshihao says:

    MIT, no matter how, I will remember you. ^_^

  91. faith says:

    @ keshav: i totally agree with you.
    the people who are admitted are just taking it for granted. meanwhile, the rejects like us are wondering what the hell did they find in our applications that made them reject us or what they didnt find good enough.
    its pathetic but this is life.
    a day can be your mother or your stepmother. for me it was the latter today.

  92. Anonymous says:

    is there any chance to ever learn what were the disadvantages of my application?

  93. >< says:

    It’s only cuz I’m international….

  94. Jack says:

    Ahh, MIT. I clearly am not your number one choice of student. Well, you weren’t my number one choice of university.

    Congrats to all those accepted!