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MIT student blogger Erick P. '17

Places to Sit at MIT by Erick P. '17

and study

I came to MIT with an ambitious goal: to sit everywhere on campus. Oh yeah, and to get an MIT degree. After four years, I’ve completed neither goal. Never fear, I’m taking another semester in the fall to finish my studies and to continue sitting in places.

The two goals are related. Whenever I get stuck on my work, I like to find a new place to study. The change of scenery is refreshing and jumpstarts my mind to continue working. MIT has some breathtaking architecture.

After four full years of being here, I still don’t feel like I’ve learned everything I’ve wanted to learn nor explored all the places on campus I’ve wanted to explore. Luckily, MIT allows students to take extra semesters (known as “super-senior” status) to finish up a degree. I’m excited to be taking advantage of this opportunity to continue learning what MIT has to teach me.

In the meantime, these are some of the highlights of some of my favorite places to sit and study on campus over the past couple of years.

1. Sloan


2. MIT Medical Stairs

mit medical 2 

3. MIT Medical Hallway

mit medical 

4. New Media Lab

new media lab 

5. Old Media Lab

old media lab 

6. Stata Patio

stata patio 

7. Stata Outside

stata outside 

8. Collier Cranes

collier cranes 

9. Stata Lobby

stata lobby 

10. Stata Stairs

stata stairs 

11. Building 38

building 38 

12. The Tunnels


13. 26-100 Lecture Hall


14. Lobby 10

lobby 10 

15. Barker Library (inside the Dome)


16. Hall of Colors

hall of colors 

17. Green Room

green room 

18. Lobby 7

lobby 7 

19. Student Center Balcony

student center outside 

20. Student Center Lobby

student center lobby