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MIT blogger CJ Q. '23

Portraits of a Campus on Lockdown by CJ Q. '23

the doors of the student center with red sheets of paper taped to the doors. a sign in front has text including "AUTHORIZED MIT ID ACCESS ONLY"the door going into lobby 7, surrounded by two pillars, with stanchions, plants, and a sign blocking itthe doors to building 56, with signs saying ACCESS RESTRICTEDa closed door to a classroom with a Room Closed sign beside it

doors to building e17, with the same ACCESS RESTRICTED sign, and a sign saying ADMISSION BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

the hallway in front of the green lounge, with an EXIT sign on a pillar

an empty kresge lawn, with a sign saying "Only YOU can keep MIT healthy" and "Maximum group size 10 people" with other things

a bathroom, 7-107, with a sign saying "Practice physical distancing", "One person at a time in the restroom", "Please Knock"a hallway, with a sign saying "MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY 10", and an empty bulletin board