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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

Puzzles, Puzzles, Puzzles by Bryan

A dizzying amount of puzzles

For everyone interested in checking out the puzzles from this year’s mystery hunt and previous hunts:

Even More

13 responses to “Puzzles, Puzzles, Puzzles”

  1. Snively says:

    First Post!

    Wow, that is completely daunting. So many puzzles. . .

    How big are the teams typically? I’m trying to get a sense of how big Mystery Hunt it. From Matt’s pics I can tell it’s popular (and why wouldn’t it be?) but how big are the groups?


  2. bhushan says:


  3. Yuri ('11) says:

    My favorite puzzle, I think, from this year was Embezzler’s Quest (in How to Succeed at Finance by Being Really Really Evil). Working on that puzzle, especially since it was 4 AM, was so hilarious.

  4. Mike says:

    My favorite had to be War Dance, because watching her dance cracked me up =P Not to mention, it was the only puzzle I made major contributions to. The puzzles are harrd!

    Some <a>pictures</a> from the Manic Sages

    If anyone took a video of the wrap-up, I want to see it! I missed it since I had to leave early =(

  5. Mike says:

    Huh? My link is apparently defective…heres the link in text form

  6. turnef says:

    Mike, thanks for the photos. They were fun to look at. Probably it was not so much fun for the people solving puzzles. smile Maybe the opposite… I don’t know yet.

  7. Yuri ('11) says:

    As one of the people solving puzzles in one of those pictures, I’d have to say that it was definitely SO MUCH FUN smile

  8. Adam S. says:

    Exactly my thoughts, Solomon.
    Fanderful, too!

    Thanks Bryan! *Bookmarks this page.* Semester finals, this week, for me. After those, I’ll be able to concentrate a lot more on things like this! Can’t wait.

    -Adam S.

  9. Mike says:

    I think it was a mixture of frustration and fun; it’s frustrating while you’re trying to figure the darn thing out, then you get really excited once you finally get it. But overall: So. Much. Fun! =P

  10. int. says:


  11. int. says: