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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

Redefinitions by Bryan

Name the planet contest REDUX.

So now, we’re down to 8 planets.

Thus, the contest needs revision itself.

Best mnemonic you can make with MVEMJSUN.

Ready, set, go!

9 responses to “Redefinitions”

  1. Fermion says:

    Hmm.. This is a bit of a conversion from my old mnemonic.

    MIT valedictorians engineer many jokes students undertake nocturnally.

    Of course, I’m talking about hacks. I’ve linked my name below to the MIT hack gallery.

    I’m pretty sure that the grammer of my mnemonic works out, but I’d like to add the word “that” between “jokes” and “students”. Hmm..

    I also don’t like “valedictorians”.. But I couldn’t come up with another word for students that started with a ‘V’. Oh well.

    Well, good luck everyone, and lets hope that the Grand Council of Astronomy doesn’t change our solar system again!

  2. Alberto says:

    My Very Enormous Mother Just Sleeps Until Noon.

    Haha, kinda funny…

  3. Harrison says:

    Take two? I doubt anyone wants to associate E. Coli with the solar system anyway…

    Merrily Vicious Emus Might Jog Sleepily Until Nightfall

  4. c21 says:

    My second contribution! Look, it even has two parts!

    Part A:

    my very elegant mnemonic! (just so unbelievably nonsensical)

    Notice that the asteroid belt is represented by the exclamation point and/or the left parentheses. The end of the solar system is represented by the right parentheses. Punctuation is so beautiful.

    Part B:

    A more grammatically correct mnemonic:









    I like thinking of my mnemonics as elegant, but I’d rather think of them as helpful, seeing how that’s the whole reason why they exist. Unfortunately, helpful doesn’t start with “E.” I suppose I could use “elpful” but somehow, it just doesn’t seem right. raspberry

  5. Tracey says:









    (inspired by a truly noxious dog)

  6. Mike says:


    Matt very easily moves junk stashed under nets.

  7. dongying says:

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  8. Shawn says:

    So, this isn’t much of a change from the old mnemonic but:

    My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nothing.

    Notice, however, how this new mnemonic (rather unfortuantely) casts doubt on educated mothers’ philanthropy. We therefore should readmit Pluto to planet-hood so that we can go back to the old one, casting a positive light on educated mothers instead of a negative one tongue laugh.

  9. billy says:

    Many various electic machines just saved Ukrainian numerals.