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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

Retreat, RETREAT!! by Bryan

A weekend vacation.

So this weekend my 61 of my fraternity brothers and I drove several miles in the snow to get away from MIT and plan for our upcoming semester.

They often say that “getting there is half the fun” and I would tend to agree, especially with this trip.

Possible reasons why:
1. I’d never been to this place.
2. I’d never driven in the snow.
3. It was dark.

Thank goodness for GPS and my 4 co-pilots.

So amidst a weekend of planning for the semester ahead, we took a break to look at the stars (which you can’t really see in Boston), ran around in the snow, etc.

And tomorrow: looking ahead to the semester of TWO classes!!!

15 responses to “Retreat, RETREAT!!”

  1. Adam S. says:

    Wow, only two classes? Which ones are they? Also, what are you planning to do with your extra spare time?

    Good luck with your graduate school applications! Let us know where you end up. grin

  2. Anonymous says:

    Come on! Only one comment for this blog. You can do better than that. Bryan wasn’t telling you guys to retreat.

  3. Solomon says:

    Just two classes, I see. Is graduate school as fun as undergraduate. Nice pictures.

    Anonymous: We know that the retreat wasn’t meant for us but for you so why don’t you just back off. Just kidding.

  4. Solomon says:

    Just two classes, I see. Do you think graduate school will be as fun as undergraduate.

  5. Solomon says:

    You are a very interesting person with a lot of free time on your hands ‘Madman’. I wish I could meet you.

  6. Hopeful says:

    Hey madman……….
    You really are crazy wink……
    but I guess I am a lot like you too…….

  7. Liza, Che, yeah I don’t type it..I use FIREFOX, and it has a nice form filling Droplist.

    You may not like the tall story behind my name, and all the emotional touches….. still since you ask it……..

    I am a bit crazy about exploring places. Wherever I go, I at least try to go to all the nearby streets, so no street is left untaken….. Just to see and explore, even if the primary objective is something more serious, like attending a conference. I am quite restless, and something inside me drives outward….. I must go and explore, it may be a choice between the lonely riverbank, with not a single human being, and a wild dance party, my choice is the first. That is why I am Wandering.

    Probably some Wandering Albatross is a good soul mate for me…. That is why I am another Wandering Albatross.

    BTW, Good news, I may go to Turkey during march april , to attend the Dialog between Cultures (ICYF).

    My mentality is treated as if of a madman by most (not all) of my peers, Thats why I am The madman.

    Once somebody said in front of me “I wanna fly”, she might have been wanted to an astronaut . Being greatly influence by her words, I thought, I will make these people fly, and perhaps CHANGE THE WAY WORLD FLIES…… which makes me serve as volunteer to Interplanetaryventures, and RSEV corps. (BTW join us, if you like, and thats why I mention the URL / ) That’s why I am the Madman who makes people fly.

    As an usual madman, I took the name “Captian Adastra”… means The captain (going) to the stars.

    Probably the most prominent journeyer is the Arctic Tern, Analogously, as a trying-to-become a journeyer, I am Captain Interplanetary tern.

    Phoenix Brigade is my group, (I am the C-in-C) click on my name in this post to learn more about it.

    Sorry for driving you crazy like this…

    Josh V .. I strongly agree, at least there’s one who thinks like me…. I seriously wish again we both get in.

  8. ooooooooooooooooooh : my name’s cut. Here’s the full name : The madman who makes people fly aka Captain SS Wandering Albatross aka Captian Interplanetary Tern aka Captain AdAstra : commander in chief of Phoenix Brigade

  9. ooooooooooooooooooh : my name’s cut. Here’s the full name : The madman who makes people fly aka Captain SS Wandering Albatross aka Captain Interplanetary Tern aka Captain AdAstra : commander in chief of Phoenix Brigade

  10. Liza, If this post bores you (It may quite naturally, it’s definitely not as geek or as smart or as cool as it should be for MIT), about the history of my name, I am sorry…….

  11. ohhhhhhh nice, I really enjoy that, but whose sleeping in the picture?

  12. Elizabeth says:

    ok, so I have to ask “The madman who makes people fly aka Wandering Albatross:” do you type that out every time you post? Because you certainly do post a lot, like me and many other people whose names I recognize, but where did the name come from?

  13. Josh V says:

    Camping and being out in the wilderness is so much fun! and yeah, what are those two classes?

  14. Thanks a lot Sol and hope, I also look forward to meet both of you

  15. Paul B. says:

    Hey Brian,

    I don’t know how often you read your comments, but I know you’re minoring in Biomedical Engineering and I wanted to ask you about what sort of BME opportunities MIT offers. I noticed that there’s no specific Course for BME (yet?), but Biological Engineering (Course 20) seemed close.

    Could you – or anyone else who knows, I’m not really picky – help remedy my minor confusion? smile