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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

Riddle Me This by Bryan

The return of the puzzles.

The return of the puzzles. Try your hand at this one.

An entry about the three day week that should have been ten days long is forthcoming.

This puzzle is courtesy of my friend Evelyn, ’07, Course 6.

Prima Donna
“How do I get to New Amsterdam?”
“Just follow that road and don’t be afraid if you see something unfamiliar.”

Whatever happened to fair dealing? And pure ethics? And nice manners? (1)

Given their advantages, you may ask why the two ladies have such grief. (2)

But if life were only moments, then you’d never know you had one. (3)

Time and time again I’ve said that I don’t care, that I’m immune to gloom, that I’m hard through and through. But every time it matters all my words desert me, so anyone can hurt me–and they do. (8)

You’re the best man I’ll ever know. There’s no way I can ever go. (9)

Nothing can be altered, there is nothing to decide. No escape, no change of heart, no anyplace to hide. (10)

Ohio was stifling. We just couldn’t wait to get out of the place. (13)


2 responses to “Riddle Me This”

  1. Diane says:

    (1) is from Chicago and (8) is from Evita

  2. Timur Sahin says:

    I’m not sure about the format of these questions, or even what the parentheses mean, but the third one reminds me of Zeno’s arrow paradox.'s_paradoxes#The_arrow_paradox