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MIT student blogger Hamsika C. '13

Sailing! by Hamsika C. '13


Twelve hours ago, Mathura ’12 and I had the following gchat conversation:

Mathura: omg omg omg
me: whatwhatwhat
Mathura: im sooo excited, i just ran around the floor screaming
me: :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Mathura: scared samvaran, hahaha
me: LOL, poor guy. i’m giggling in my room. i’m basically not sane right now.
Mathura: lolllllllllllllllllllllllll. aaaah – i just went and slapped samvaran some more
me: is he going to be alive in ten minutes?
Mathura: probs not, hes in the line of happiness fire

Our uncontrolled enthusiasm stemmed from the fact that, thanks to Ram ’13, we – along with Pallavi ’12 and Krithika ’12 – were about to go sailing for the first time ever :)

MIT Sailing has various days during the year designated as Moon Light Sailing days, and yesterday was the first one of the fall semester. The five of us headed out to the docks around 9 p.m. last night, relishing the warm temperature and gentle breeze. While waiting for our turn, Pallavi, Krithika, Mathura, and I took a bajillion pictures – as per female i-must-take-pics-of-everything norm.


Soon after, WE GOT IN OUR BOAT – ahhhh *cue Mathura’s excited squealing*

Yeahhh, MIT!

Our boat went kind of slow at first, but after a little while, we caught the wind and picked up speed.



It was so, so relaxing to be out on Charles, with the gorgeous Boston skyline right in front of my eyes and friends right there with me.



Our time ran out much too quickly, but as I stepped off the boat and back onto the dock, all I could think about was how happy I was at that moment. Yeah, I have an orgo test on Wednesday and a paper proposal due that same day and a lab report due Thursday and a manual on electrodes to read by Friday and more stuff I don’t feel like naming right now – but yesterday, sailing completely eclipsed all of that.

It was definitely a night to remember :)


P.S. It’s my dad’s birthday tomorrow :) Happy early birthday, Daddyyy!

8 responses to “Sailing!”

  1. ben says:

    This is awesome

  2. Sumi says:

    the pictures are so pretty! looks like so much fun smile

  3. Ruslan says:

    That must have been amazing to see Boston/Cambridge at night, from the river! Lucky! smile

  4. Bhuvana says:

    Glad you made it to sailing , now try to do the zillion things(the long list hanging overhead) before you graduate.Hope you will take me sailing when I visit you.

    Mathuras mom.

  5. beaver says:

    nice boat,
    nicer pictures
    nicest words.

    And seriously how much is one bajillion

  6. beaver says:

    Ahoy there ,
    Tis seems ye all had full of fun eh !!

    All ye mateys sailin’ yonder the river at moonlit night.
    Tis photos and words are nice.

    Then who amongst thou ist JACK SPARROW ???? sorry
    and watch out for FLYING DUCTHMAN

  7. Ruslan'15 says:

    Great!!! It was really great, Nice post…
    Hamsika you have a great smile…)))

  8. Nasser '17 ? says:

    This brought back so much memories to me.I visited MIT in August, it was such a wonderful experience!