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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Selecting from 10,439 applications and a dozen ties. by Matt McGann '00

We received 10,439 applications this year, about the same as last year’s 10,466. Down the line, the statistics are nearly identical to last year. It’s another strong applicant class.

The reading of domestic (US) applications is complete. This morning, we begin regular action selection committee for domestic applicants (including students deferred from early action) for the MIT Class of 2009! Selection committee will continue for about a week, and the process of selecting the Class of 2009 (including the international selection committee) will continue over the next month or so, right up until we mail decision letters in the middle of March.

Today, I’m wearing a tie, which is my custom for days on which the selection committee meets. The wearing of the tie symbolizes, for me, the respect and care with which we will treat your application during selection committee, as we have during the entire process. Today’s tie is: grey with red and black.

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