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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Selection Day 3 by Matt McGann '00

Selection can be pretty mentally taxing, so luckily the days tend to be shorter (ending ~4pm) and we get breaks when we need them. During one of the breaks today, Stu, Amy, Mari and I headed over to the Student Center to play some Dance Dance Revolution (DDR 4th Mix Plus, in this case). Several minutes later, another half dozen or so folks from the Admissions Office followed, making for a fun Admissions Dance Party of sorts (which is just what one would expect to see at 11:30am on a Sunday in the MIT Student Center). It was good relaxation during a serious time of year.

The post-work relaxation included a nice nap and a viewing of the classic movie “Real Genius,” whichis always quite popular with the MIT crowd as we can all relate to Chris and Mitch and Jordan.

Tomorrow, we’ll be back at it, nice and rested. Hope you had a great weekend!

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