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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Senior Week by Matt McGann '00

The beginning of the final week for MIT's Seniors.

Today begins a weeklong event at MIT called Senior Week. During Senior Week, we celebrate the graduating class and provide them with their final week of excitement at MIT. Events include “Breakfast with the Professors,” a trip to Six Flags New England, and Tech Night at the Pops.

And today on this blog, I also begin a weeklong celebration of our seniors. I’ll profile a senior each day, each an amazing person in their own right.

The profiled students are not necessarily MIT’s “best” seniors, not are they representative of the class as a whole. They are not random, but rather students that I know who replied to my request for a profile =) As such, some non-representative things can be seen: two of the students will be working for Lehman Brothers, for example, while last year 8 students in the entire class accepted offers to work there (last year’s most popular employer, if you’re curious, was the consulting firm McKinsey & Company, with 30 hires). Also, finance jobs are over represented in this blog’s group; grad school (of all kinds) is under represented; Sloan/Management majors are over represented; etc. In short, this is for you to get a sense of some seniors experiences & plans, but not a representative sample. I’ll post some statistics about our graduating class when I get a chance.

Anyway, let’s start with someone you know

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