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MIT student blogger Connie H. '15

senioritis by Connie H. '15

not to be confused with señoritis

i never really had senioritis in high school—it was probably the surprising amount of momentum behind me, but i don’t think i managed to pull off the effortlessly forget to turn in an assignment thing.

so i had grand visions for senioritis in college. i would go out all the time! do my homework never! stay up forever! walk around in my bathrobe all day!

i didn’t really think senioritis this semester would turn out to be less about me and more about helping others. a friend recently shared the idea of positive work—even if you feel like you aren’t making a stitch in the cosmic fabric of the universe, you certainly can do positive work for someone. there is enough positive work for you to do until you find a bit of personal direction.

the moment i realized it was okay for my last semester to not be about me, the more i was able to do.

so in no particular order, the things i’ve done in the past few weeks

  • stage makeup for mirchi, an bollywood/fusion dance group who performed at south asian showdown last weekend. GLITTER FOR DAYS


  • helped make (read: stirred things) midnight meals with my boyfriend for his fraternity


  • double checked if snow is cold (it is)



  • tried to share the little things that make me laugh


  • helped plan our sorority retreat



  • helped plan our senior toast as part of class council to celebrate less than 100 days left at MIT!


a few days ago i remembered helping my (sorority) little (sister) on a project she needed to finish desperately. i made the (then seemingly impossibly difficult) choice to sit my butt down on her linoleum floor for a few hours to help her out, mumbling that it would be worth it compared to the other work i had on my plate. today, i don’t even remember what else i had to do.

i’m hoping the rest of my (and your) senior year pans out like that.