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Connie H. '15

MIT student blogger Connie H. '15


hi. i'm connie. i like lowercase letters, and if you email me i will likely respond to you like this. i'm like e.e. cummings if he were a fabulous asian lady.

i'm from albany, california, which is a tiny square mile and a half next to berkeley, california. as a result, i say hella... hella.

my life goal is to be on extreme couponing: all-stars. my other life goal is to avoid being on hoarders: buried alive.

growing up, i was taught to always make the lives of others easier through efficiency. today, that means that i'm really interested in user experience and product design because they require the same thought for others that my parents smooshed into my brain.

since you've finished reading this, you now know a lot more about me than i do about you. if we ever meet, we're going to have lunch. it will probably be totino's frozen party pizza, but that is the only kind of nourishment i would wish on a friend.

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