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MIT student blogger Connie H. '15

Nemo Found by Connie H. '15

the effects of cabin fever

The blizzard helped me and Liz run out of things to do incredibly quickly. On Friday we watched the first half hour of half a dozen movies before we realized we simply just needed to get outside of our room. We ventured outside behind Baker House, only to get knocked over by the blizzard into a snowbank while taking pictures under the yellow cast of the street lights.

Simply put, we had cabin fever.

I’m a California girl who hadn’t seen much snow until coming to MIT. Nemo is by far the most amount of snow I’ve ever seen, and I’ve still been trying to figure out how to dress for a blizzard…

If you’re from a warm place and you are a female and generally struggle with dressing yourself appropriately even though it’s blizzarding — I have the answer for you: fleece lined tights. They are incredibly comfortable and warm and dry instantly unlike jeans or the yoga pants Liz decided to wear into the snow. You can also wear whateve you want on top, like a sundress or glitter shorts (above). Then you too can prance around until you are delirious from the cold!

Now that I’ve figured out how to wear what I want without dying from hypothermia, I’ve been able to explore the snow in my hideous moon boots to discover:

1) The unique snow fashions of Nicci, Erica and Nicole

2) Buxom yet modest snow snow(wo)men

3) The Civil Rights displays in Lobby 10

4) And the biggest institute wide snowball fight in Killian Court… ever?

Organized by senior Brendan Deveney, the snow war started Saturday at 4:05pm on the dot with the blast of a vuvuzela. Thanks to Facebook and the magical power of mailing lists (how everything gets done at MIT) a significant chunk of the institute came out to wade knee deep in snow to pelt each other silly with powdery ice.

Everything before 4:05 was lightheated…

And then people went for it.

By 5pm we were able to catch the sunset down the infinite and wade back home to stuff our faces with early dinner.

A beautiful end to a snowy day.

Although it’s back to work this afternoon, the river is still frozen over and there are still mountains of snow around campus.

Nemo found.