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MIT student blogger Hamsika C. '13

Settled by Hamsika C. '13

It's good to be back! smile

Having endured various planes, trains, buses, and customs officers who don’t believe me when I say I’m 19 and instead ask to see parent-signed papers saying that I’m allowed to travel alone, I am finally back at MIT and all settled in to my new room. Last year’s non-existent view of the Charles River has been replaced by a partial one that I can glimpse if I look out my window and to the left; if I look straight ahead, all I see is McCormick’s west tower. Not quite as scenic.

Already, I’m sinking into my MIT routine, having done laundry once (be impressed!), as well as having visited the professor I’ll be UROP-ing with this upcoming semester. It’s so nice to be back; I didn’t quite have a whole lot of time to think about MIT while traveling about during the summer. But now that I’m here, I’ve realized that I’ve missed this place. Coming back to Boston feels like coming home.

And yet, it’s Boston that I’ll be leaving tomorrow, as I pack my bags for what seems like the hundredth time this summer and head off to what I think will be one of the best weeks of my life. Camp Kesem kicks off tomorrow at 8 am, and I’m so excited about it!! I’ve pseudo-met my campers via a brochure that was sent out, detailing their individual profiles. I’m part of the camp group called the Egyptians; we’re definitely going to be the most awesome group at camp =P Sorry, Spartans/Aztecs/Greeks/Vikings!

These past few days, spent preparing for the arts/crafts portion of camp, have kicked up memories of my February CK counselor interview. I remember being asked what I was most worried or scared about when it came to Camp Kesem. At that time, I responded that I wasn’t sure if I could handle the emotional side of camp. Each and every child at Camp Kesem has at least one parent who has or has had cancer, and I was and still am afraid that if these kids confide in me, I won’t know how to respond or won’t be able to keep from tearing up. The follow-up question to this during the interview was how I’d handle this situation if it should occur, to which I said that I would that I would simply listen, be there for the camper, and save my bawling for later. Fingers crossed that I’m able to do that. I cry pretty easily – sad movies and books have an unseemly amount of control over me and my tear ducts.

It might help if I go to the LSC (Lecture Series Committee) screening of Date Night tonight, just to offset the danger of crying in favor of crinkly laugh lines. The LSC puts on several movies throughout the school year, many of which – like today’s screening – are free. I’m a fan of both Steve Carell and Tina Fey and have wanted to see Date Night for such a long time. Tonight’s my chance, yayy!!

Prepare yourselves for a giant entry the in a week or so. When I come back from Camp Kesem, I promise I’m going to have tons to say :)

18 responses to “Settled”

  1. Essam says:

    It’s good to have you back :D!

  2. '11 says:

    correction – lsc usually shows 2 movies every weekend during the term! not just a few a year.

    all screenings were free this summer, and during the school year non-free showings are 4 dollars. pretty sweet deal.

  3. Ruslan'15? says:

    Haha)) You are 19??? Never thought so…))
    You look younger…

  4. ~A says:

    Welcome back!!

    How are you??

  5. Dave '14 says:

    Haha Ruslan, you’re lurking here too?

  6. If I ever get admitted to MIT(I really I really hope I do), I will definitely be a part of this camp! Have a nice time and make the children feel better(I know you will)!!

  7. hey i m from india(delhi) and i want to know the admissions process at mit for undergraduate (

  8. Ruslan'15? says:

    Hi! How are you?
    Yeah, there is lots of interesting and funny things here…))
    Hope to be admitted and meet you all…
    God Bless You…

  9. genius ('18) says:

    Nice Entry! I wonder why customs asked for signed papers thet you were 19… I’m pretty sure you can travel legally(alone)once you become 12. Egyptians FTW!

  10. Amnasty 12 says:

    My favorite part is that one of the most exciting things about being back is being able to see Date Night! Ha ha, a little advice- check out Hot Tub Time Machine. : )

  11. Amnasty 12 says:

    The way my transfer is going from Long Beach State, Hot Tub Time Machine will already be a few years old!

  12. Sean says:

    Welcome back to MIT and good luck to your new endeavor!

  13. Freeverse'15 says:

    About Camp Kesem, I think its a great initiative to do the arts bit etc. However, it would be all the more memorable for those kids if you brought in sth distinctly MIT-probably how to design cool graphics for your own webpage, how to woodwork an airplane etc…I understand that kids dont really seem that intersted in computers and slugging on wood but if you really want to get their minds off everything else in their lives (which I think u are) its best to challenge them with complicated-yet not so complicated- stuff…They will remember CK as THE camp they ever attended, not just any camp they happened to go to…

    Just a passing thought…

  14. hiii…i hve read ur is gd…

  15. ayush says:

    hiiii Hamsika,,,

    i am regularly reading your blog but still confused where are you from Germany or india???????
    you look indian…………..

  16. sanjay says:

    With 4.0 GPA and within top 5% of school and SAT 2020, Excellent EC including sports. What are my chnaces at MIT? WHat else do I need to do?
    appreciate your reply.

  17. Chaitanya says:

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  18. Vivek says:

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