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MIT student blogger Melis A. '08

Snow lovers, unite! by Melis A. '08

The sky is falling...

When the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful,
And if we’ve no place to go,
Let it snow, let is snow, let is snow!

The first big snowfall of the year has coincided with the first of four final exam study days. From my desk at Hayden Library, I watched the snow fall throughout the afternoon. (It reminded me of something a family friend told me when I first got into MIT…when I complained about Boston’s cold winters, he said that “it’s always warm in the library.” He was right! Even better, the nice library staff gave us cookies, coffee, and tea.)

There are about five inches of the snow on the ground right now, and traffic is at an absolute standstill. We had an event tonight for the American Medical Students Association, and it took 2 ½ hours for the food to arrive. Every major road seems to be jammed. My friend said that in the 20 minutes that it took her to walk across the Harvard Bridge (which ironically connects MIT to Boston), the traffic only moved two car lengths.

College students, rejoice! We are incredibly spoiled, as we neither have to drive nor shovel the sidewalks (that is, if you live in the dorms. As Gwen ’08 pointed out, students living in Fraternities, Sororities, or Independent Living Groups, FSILGs, do have to fulfill their shoveling duties.) Here are some pictures from this evening:

I’m ready for the snow…

42 responses to “Snow lovers, unite!”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Snow = excellent. :D

    Glad to hear that the library’s warm at least! Great photos!

  2. aaa says:

    Hayden Library looks pretty cozy. When I’ve visited MIT, I’ve always taken a stop there for a few hours to check out some books, particularly Frederick Wood’s Advanced Calculus. I can’t seem to find that book anywhere else, and its excellent! I’m hoping to spend a lot more time there wink.

  3. bella says:

    it looks absolutely stunning.

  4. Marissa says:

    I live half an hour outside of Boston, and spent the entire day shoveling! raspberry

  5. Meagan says:

    I live about an hour away in Rhode Island. When I got out of school today, I didn’t want to take the bus home and instead hung out in front of school watching the snow fall. What bliss.

  6. A'non Imus says:

    It was 68 degrees and sunny in san diego. I went sailing today…

  7. Caro says:

    =[ It just rained today, here (Philly!)…. but supposedly, we’re getting snow on Saturday! Just in time for decisions! Ahhh!!

    btw, I LOVE your coat!!

  8. Derek S. says:

    Down here in Florida where it is a balmy 81 degrees today, that looks like SOO much FUN!

    And early action decisions come out in a day, AH!

  9. Jing Jing says:

    AWWW!!! Wow the snow is soo pretty! Also, the librarians are so nice; we’re not allowed to have food in our library =(

    Your coat’s hoodie looks so warm and fuzzy…!!! AWWW!!! Wow the snow is soo pretty! Also, the librarians are so nice; we’re not allowed to have food in our library =(

    Your coat’s hoodie looks so warm and fuzzy…!!! <3

  10. OmarA says:

    It all looks so peaceful.

  11. Snively says:

    How to confuse a bunch of MIT students?

    Give them snow the few days before finals. . .

    “I have so much work to do but, idk, I just can’t seem to do it,”

    “Does anybody else just feel like laying here and not doing anything all day?”

  12. Caitlin says:

    snow… I wish we had snow here. I’ve always liked the cold better than the heat; strange for a North Carolina native. Ah well- hopefully I’ll be up there soon cursing the cold along with everyone else.

  13. Mike says:

    Oh how I miss snow. Ever since I moved to Atlanta from New York, I’ve longed for one legit snow day. So yay for Boston’s actual winter rather than the balmy 60 odd degrees we have here.

  14. Anonymous says:


    (somebody pleeeeeeeease answer)
    i’m applying RA so i’m still working on my application…How severly are we penalized for exceeding word limits. is it really THAT important to stick to a 100 words when asked to ?
    because editing what i write really kills it.


  15. Karen says:

    In Chicago, we are no strangers to snow smile

    I have a list of the students that are coming to talk to us – one of them is a BME but I don’t remember her name, and then there is one other student whose name I didn’t recognize. They are coming on January 14th, and the head of our science department has put posters all over the school advertising…she’s really excited. Anyway, I was disappointed that you weren’t on the list smile Nothing like a Rhodes Scholar to get girls in my high school interested about engineering!

  16. jane says:

    I’m a Boston native, but live in FL. I love it here but I love snow too. I was soo happy to find your site. I’m going to bookmark it so I can get my snow fix now and then. Thanks, Melis!

  17. Isshak says:

    Ah, no snow here, in Benin ! I’m hoping I’ll participate in my first snow ball fight next year !

  18. Snively says:

    They don’t count individual words so a little over or under is ok, but don’t try to get too many standard devs from 100. Admissions should make a graph of word count for all the accepted essays and see what the standard dev is for going over or under.

    That said, happy tube stuffing day!

  19. Hank R. says:

    Whoa. I totally walked by you and that guy as he took that picture of you on Killian Court. I was headed to quiz bowl practice, and I’d only met you once at CPW Meet the Bloggers, and I was all, “Oh, that looks like Melis, but probably not.”

    Guess I was wrong.

    Today was my first time playing in snow this deep in 14 years Ever since that freak southern blizzard in ’93.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I was wondering if there was one particular state that marginally dominates in # of MIT students? (My $ is on Mass. or Cal., not sure why) Also, how many people would you say you know from South Florida?(Miami area)

    The snow looks so awesome, I having never seen snow myself =P

  21. Anonymous says:

    Danke, I love statistics, fascinating stuff, hehe

  22. Vytautas says:

    Well, I can give MIT admissions office another reason to admit me – the climate. It’s very VERY similar here so I’ll have no adaptation problems :D. My first snowball fight was when I was like 3 years old, so I’m kinda pro at it :D.

  23. Nihar says:

    Gosh!…Iv never seen snow fall in my life.I can only imagine how it would look and feel when fluffy cloud-like thingies(hey!never seen snow either!) drop from the sky.
    It just pours cats and dogs around the clock here in Indonesia.

  24. In my Romanian town, the first snowflakes appeared last night. Due to climate changes, I haven’t seen a real persistent snowfall for so many years. One more reason to come to MIT!

  25. Rachel says:

    I love snow too. = ) (Too bad I’m in Florida and its about 80 degrees.)

  26. Karen says:

    @Anonymous: California definitely wins, but I think that for density of MIT admits (#/area) you should move to Massachusetts smile Illinois and Florida aren’t half bad, though…

  27. Dot says:

    Let it snow! Do you guys have sweet snowball fights in the winter? grin

  28. Lynn says:

    The pictures are so beautiful! NYC hasn’t had such a beautiful blanket of snow yet. :( Enjoy!

  29. Gwen '08 says:

    Melis, you’ve neglected to note that those of us that live in FSILGs do, indeed, need to shovel. But it’s fun and it’s a great workout if the weather disrupts your running plans.

  30. Melis says:

    Right you are, Gwen =) I’ve updated the entry.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I like it how there are more people attending MIT from Greece than my state (South Dakota). I guess calculus is not the average farmers strong suit.

  32. Matt Falk says:

    That’s my major worry about MIT. THE COLD!!! I just hope it’s warm some time…

  33. Nate says:

    Any good places to go snowboarding around MIT? That’s the main use for snow, and obviously the reason it exists in the first place.

  34. Eoin says:

    Hey Melis! Happy Holidays from Ireland!